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Erasing Tracks: Tackling the de-icing dilemma

While there are any number of extra challenges to deal with during Canada’s frosty season, few beat the hassle of cleaning tracks left by guests coming in from the cold.
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Dealing with mould in air ducts

Noticing signs of mould in your air ducts? Here are some signs to watch for and tips for dealing with this important health and safety consideration.

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Communication tips for building service contractors

Here are some strategies to have a well-defined communication plan.

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How to handle summer carpet stains

To maintain spotless carpet during the summer season, Whittaker offers tips to address some of the most challenging carpet stains.

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Prevent pests from populating your property

No matter the time of year, pests are professionals at making their way into your facility, seeking shelter from the elements in colder months and places to breed in warm seasons.

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Consumers polled on restroom cleanliness

A recent survey conducted by restroom fixture manufacturer, Bradley Corporation reveals why public restroom cleanliness is good for business.

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Six trends in the cleaning industry impacting floor care

From robots to Instagram, here are the trends we’re watching and what they mean for the way we care for floors.

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Five ways to make the most of your CMMS

Here are some ways to make the most of your Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

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Tips for gym floor cleaning and maintenance

Here are some floor care techniques to help maintain a gym floor.

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Survey exposes the most germ-covered surface in airports

The trays used to put carry-on luggage and personal items in airport security check areas carry the highest frequency of respiratory viruses, revealed a study titled Deposition of respiratory virus pathogens on frequently touched surfaces at airports.

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Creating a lasting first impression for your facility

A good or bad experience on a person’s first visit to a building can be the difference between a returning client or a lost opportunity. An opinion is formed within seconds of an individual walking through your doors and the scent that greets their nostrils will go a long way to deciding whether that opinion is positive or negative.

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PRSM releases Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry report

Almost ⅔ (67 per cent) of facility maintenance budgets are spent on corrective measures, a new report has revealed. Meanwhile, only 33 per cent of

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Data-driven tech to upend restroom maintenance

As facilities evolve and become more high tech, new systems have developed to help improve efficiency - especially when it comes to cleaning schedules.

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Copper allays germy fitness centres

Copper alloys used more in hospitals to help fight health-care acquired infections, aren’t as prevalent in non-traditional spaces where germs also spread.
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Waste heat to warm buildings at Western U

Western University plans to recover waste heat from its power plant and use it in other buildings while shifting to low-temperature heating systems.
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Spring cleaning to-do list for windows

Here are some critical elements that facility maintenance crews can address this spring in order to achieve streak-free sparkling windows.

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More than half of Americans would pay for public restrooms

More than half of Americans would pay for a clean, well-stocked public restroom, according to Bradley Corporation’s annual restroom and hand washing survey.