Evolving technologies for evolving healthcare

There are many influential technologies healthcare facilities can use to reduce the spread of infections.

The role of technology in school hygiene

Air quality is a big driver of school hygiene, but while many buildings have built-in ventilation systems, it can be difficult to know how effective these systems are at removing pollution from the air.
HVAC maintenance

Preventative HVAC maintenance tips for fall

Fall HVAC maintenance allows you to look ahead to upcoming spring repairs, budget spending for upcoming expenditures, and keep your building in its best shape for the coming year.

Healthcare housekeeping & EVS in good hands

The Canadian Healthcare Housekeepers Association has observed pandemic pain – and progression.
COVID-19 school recommendations

CDC updates COVID-19 school recommendations

The recommendations for safe in-person learning for K–12 schools and early care programs have undergone a few changes.
fall pests

How to prepare your facility for fall pests

As temperatures drop, buildings are vulnerable to pests looking for food and shelter from the outdoor elements.

5 ways to create cleaner environments in schools

To ensure schools are taking the best first step forward, their cleaning operations should zero in on five key areas of focus.
smart washrooms

Smart washrooms can help reduce germ transmission in healthcare facilities

Be smarter and cleaner when it comes to washroom hygiene.

Removing barriers is critical to proper healthcare hand hygiene

What can be done to help facilitate greater hand hygiene?

Using tech to improve washroom hygiene

Washrooms cannot be overlooked when it comes to the health and safety of patients, visitors, and staff.
environmental hygiene

Healthcare facilities know they lack in environmental hygiene

A study found 98% of healthcare facilities surveyed are not meeting the full HEH guidelines offered by the World Health Organization.
clean schools

Creating a safe haven in clean schools

Traditionally, schools maintained their own janitorial staff on-site, but this is no longer optimal in many cases.

Norovirus threat grows as COVID-19 restrictions wane

Norovirus infections appear to be rising in recent weeks amid loosened health restrictions.
aerosolized hydrogen peroxide

How aerosolized hydrogen peroxide can help reduce hospital infections

Adding a touchless aHP disinfection system can result in a significant and sustained reduction in CDI rates.

University of Calgary recognized for environmental stewardship

The university has been named as the 2022 recipient of the ISSA Canada Environmental Stewardship Award.
bed bugs

Toronto is Canada’s hotspot for bed bugs

As Canadians start to travel back into facilities en masse, so too will bed bugs. So what can be done to stop them?

Swabbing floors to detect COVID-19 could be useful indicator of spread

Floors can be tested to predict the level of COVID-19 in an environment.