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Study reveals hand hygiene adherence among paramedics low

Hand hygiene compliance is considered essential to prevent healthcare-associated infections, but very few studies have been conducted assessing compliance in the prehospital setting.
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Hand sanitizer market set to boom for next five years

Just in time for World Hand Hygiene Day, a new report has revealed that the hand sanitizer market is set to grow at a rate of 8.59% for the next five years.
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Sink removal in ICU rooms may reduce bacterial colonization

Removing sinks from rooms in intensive care units (ICU) and introducing water-free patient care lowers bacterial colonization rates.
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Safety Today Canada shifts focus to disposables

Safety Today Inc. has shifted its product focus in Canada to concentrate solely on disposables.
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Leading book on hand hygiene to be published

A comprehensive book focusing on hand hygiene for infection control and patient safety will be published sometime in December.