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University of Waterloo upgrades campus ventilation systems

The mechanical engineering team at the University of Waterloo is reviewing the air flow for all classrooms in preparation for fall.
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Scientists find lack of focus on air quality

The American Association for the Advancement of Science Journal found there has been a lack of focus on how air quality factors into the prevention of environmental infection.
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Reaching net zero in the age of COVID-19

Optimizing ventilation and air handling systems is key to achieving net zero energy performance goals.
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ASHRAE updates healthcare facility ventilation standard

The 2021 edition delivers critical guidance for designers and operators of these frontline facilities and incorporates 17 changes to the standard.
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How schools are boosting air quality measures

The report found that schools have prioritized ventilation and filtration to reduce the transmission of the virus.
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Standard for cleaning HVAC systems updated

The 2021 NADCA Standard defines the minimum performance and procedural requirements for cleaning HVAC systems.
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ASHRAE provides updated airborne transmission guidance

The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force has released clarified guidance for evaluating and mitigating the spread of SARS-CoV-2.
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Employees willing to take pay cut for better air quality

Post-pandemic employees will demand safer environments including higher air quality to get back into their workplaces.
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Enhancing hospitality cleaning and safety solutions

The instruments are out there to enhance hygiene, and foodservice and hospitality cleaning is a perfect microcosm.

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Air ventilation in multi-residential buildings

Achieving a healthy indoor environment begins with proper air ventilation, especially as buildings become more airtight. Kevin Smith explains the various systems available today.
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HVAC systems and COVID-19: Q&A

There's prevailing uncertainty over potential exposure to the virus through building ventilation systems. How concerned should condo communities be?
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IAQ standards dissect freshness of outdoor air

Guidance related to natural ventilation, particulate filtration and compartmentalization of multi-residential HVAC systems are prominent in the list of identified "significant changes" compared to the incumbent 2016 version of the standards.
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UBC using Wi-Fi data to save building energy

A University of British Columbia engineer has found a way to use Wi-Fi data to determine the number of people in a building and adjust its ventilation.