supply chain

6 evolving supply chain and distribution trends

As we continue to inch beyond the pandemic, we are starting to see specific supply chain trends evolving.
carpet care

Supporting carpet care through equipment maintenance

The way cleaning professionals approach carpet care can have an impact on guest satisfaction, brand reputation, and the bottom line.
disinfecting wipes

Consumers are still wild about disinfecting wipes

An American Cleaning Institute survey found that the pandemic-heightened demand for wipes is expected to last.

One year on: Keeping facilities clean & safe

Key considerations for cleaning commercial workspaces in a post-COVID-19 world.

Yorkdale becomes first Canadian retail centre to achieve GBAC STAR accreditation

Yorkdale is the latest Canadian facility to achieve the certification, which indicates that best infection prevention practices are in place.
risk of infection

Silver foil can affect risk of infection in hospitals

Researchers found the risk of contamination on foil-covered high-touch surfaces was significantly lower.

Help mitigate spread of illness in workplaces

Now that most places are returning to work and removing social distancing protocols, it’s important to stay on top of facility cleanliness.

Canadians expect peak-pandemic cleanliness in the long term

However, only 13 per cent of respondents believe public spaces are currently being disinfected at a high level.

Debunking the immunity myth around cleaning

There's an established theory that over-enthusiastic cleaning can weaken immune systems, particularly those of children.

Improving disinfection in four steps

Veteran cleaning company Pegasus recently introduced a multi-step program to create and maintain healthy and safe environments.
sustainable cleaning

The future of sustainable cleaning

Whatever the facility, prioritizing sustainable cleaning creates a healthier, greener environment for all.
pest prevention

C.L.E.A.N. tips for pest prevention

Remember to keep pest management in mind this summer to create a plan of attack for all potential problems.
commercial carpet care

6 musts to improve commercial carpet care

Best practices for in-house custodial teams and building service contractors to consider for their commercial carpet care programs.

Promoting health and safety in the washroom

As vaccinations increase and people become more comfortable visiting public spaces again, there will be greater demand for clean washrooms.
green cleaning

Green cleaning beyond the pandemic

Post-COVID-19, there is no room for guessing or trial-and-error purchasing. If green cleaning is here to stay, it must be tried, tested, and proven.

Edmonton becomes first Canadian GBAC STAR-accredited destination

Explore Edmonton has secured the biorisk certification.

5 essential lessons learnt from COVID-19

The pandemic has yielded numerous key lessons for the cleaning industry, not least the importance of effective cleaning and training.