facility floors

Preparing facility floors for winter

During winter weather, facility floors can suffer from snow, ice, salt, and sand being tracked throughout a building.
grocery stores

Testing high-touch surfaces in grocery stores

A University of Guelph study found the risk of exposure from high-touch surfaces in grocery stores is low if recommended protocols are followed.

6 changes in LEED and the future of green cleaning

Later this year, U.S. Green Building Council members will be voting on six changes to LEED cleaning credits.

Vote for the cleaning industry’s best innovators

The ISSA Show Innovation Awards honours trailblazing companies in the commercial, institutional, and residential cleaning community.

Protect building occupants from a winter flu resurgence

Flu was almost non-existent last winter due to lockdowns and health measures, but experts warn it may return with a vengeance this winter.
GBAC STAR Destination

GBAC STAR launches Destination program

The program allows municipalities, tourism bureaus, and destination marketing organizations to demonstrate dedication to building healthier, safer, and more confident communities.
Bradley Corp

Office workers now want touchless washroom fixtures: Bradley Corp

The Healthy Handwashing Survey found that touchless fixtures are the feature that would make workers feel most safe in the washroom.
cleaning professionals

Prioritizing the safety of cleaning professionals

Now more than ever, cleaning workers need to know that their employers are taking their safety seriously.
carpet rinses

Which carpet rinsing method is right for you?

Understanding which carpet rinses are best for your situation is key to making the most of the process and getting the best results.
germ-repelling seat coverings

Airlines demand germ-repelling seat coverings

Demand for coverings that deter the spread of viruses and bacteria has soared as airlines look to mitigate time and financial losses.
cleaning products

Demand for cleaning products predicted to keep growing

The North American market is expected to account for approximately 30% of global sales in 2021.
COVID-19 transmission

Tips to prevent COVID-19 transmission in sport and recreation facilities

It is crucial to evaluate the environment of these facilties and implement measures that mitigate the risk of transmission.
antimicrobial coatings

The power of antimicrobial coatings

While not substitutes for regular cleaning and disinfection practices, these coatings can help to reduce human exposure to viruses.
TikTok challenge

Destructive TikTok challenge creating work for school cleaners

The "devious licks" trend, wherein students vandalize school washrooms, is placing a greater strain on cleaning staff.
International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week

Celebrating International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week

The Indoor Environmental Healthcare and Hospitality Association (IEHA) encourages the industry to celebrate and thank housekeeping and environmental services (EVS) staff.
dispensing equipment

Key approvals for dispensing equipment

Hydro Systems' new white paper provides a closer look at industry standards on dispensing equipment.
air purifier

Getting UV-C air purifier placement right

UV-C air purifiers are often installed correctly, and this can reduce their effectiveness by as much as 50%.