long-term care

Dirty carpet impacts public opinion of long-term care facilities: survey

Clean carpet matters in long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities, according to a new survey.
public restrooms

Public restroom cleanliness: a great source of concern

These days, the cleanliness of public restrooms will help convince people that it is safe to return to public spaces.

Exhibition Place becomes first Canadian venue to achieve GBAC STAR accreditation

Exhibition Place in Toronto is the first Canadian venue to earn GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation from The Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC), a Division of
Paper product dispensers

Paper product dispensers: Which one is right for your restroom?

One of the most common complaints about buildings relates to the upkeep of restrooms. Research shows that restroom cleanliness affects a company’s bottom line, as
Airline cabin

The role airline cabins play in keeping facilities clean and healthy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Canadian shores, building managers and cleaning professionals have increased cleaning frequencies significantly to remove pathogens and protect health. Although it

Open for business with cleanliness at the forefront

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, organizations are facing increasing pressure to assure patrons and employees that their facilities are clean and safe.
Coil cleaning HVAC

Cut costs, save energy and improve indoor air quality with coil cleaning

As facilities prepare for the fall, an important aspect for maintaining a clean environment is HVAC deep cleaning.
cleaning with microfibre mop

Microfibre mops: A laundry list of questions

Effective cleaning of high-touch surfaces and floors in healthcare facilities requires proper cleaning tools like microfibre mops.
healthcare floors

Disinfection of healthcare floors more important than ever

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revised its stance on healthcare facilities and the care of their floors.
cleaning schedules

When cleaning schedules don’t work

The importance of cleaning schedules in hospitals, office buildings, schools, and other public facilities is becoming increasingly obvious, especially as the world returns to work
meat processing

Meat processing facilities face unique disinfection challenges

A new guide helps meat processing operators improve facility hygiene and prevent potential fines, shutdowns, and labour shortages.
hygiene germs

Facility hygiene and preventing the spread of germs

Reinforcing proper hygiene practices and managing the perceptions of visitors and employees can help minimize the spread of germs within a facility.
cleaning analysis

Cleaning program, product analysis imperative post-COVID

A new white paper predicts cleaning program analysis will be of greater importance post-COVID-19, both for cleaning professionals and C-suite executives.
carpet care

Carpet care key for post-secondary institutions

More than 80 per cent of Americans surveyed said that they would "take action" if they felt the carpet care in a college or university was inadequate.
restrooms spending

The expanded role of restrooms in spending and operations

Touchless fixtures and proper placement of trash receptacles are among upgrades to restrooms that can drive customer spending.
facility cleaning disinfect

The shift from facility cleaning to facility disinfection

Educating the public on the differences between cleaning and disinfecting is becoming increasingly important to businesses in the facility cleaning sector.
cleaning program compliance

Digital management system improves cleaning program compliance

Bunzl Canada explains the benefits behind WandaMOBILE, a new technology that allows workers to monitor in-house cleaning program compliance.