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VCC moves forward with clean energy centre

Vancouver Community College (VCC) is moving forward with its new Centre for Clean Energy and Automotive Innovation.


Electric ride-sharing is the newest condo amenity

Residents of a freshly built mid-rise in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto have a fleet of electric vehicles waiting for them to use, whether that’s for a trip around town, a weekend getaway to the cottage or visiting family out-of-province.

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Healthcare housekeeping & EVS in good hands

The Canadian Healthcare Housekeepers Association has observed pandemic pain – and progression.

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Cintas opens search for EVS superstars

Nominations for the 2022 Cintas C.A.P.E. Award are open now through August 8.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

EVS market expected to grow healthily by 2026

Myriad effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are thought to be driving the growth of the EVS market.
Matching public-private funds go to EV chargers

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New EV chargers coming to Saskatchewan

A $2-million investment in the Saskatchewan Power Corporation will bring up to 40 electric vehicle fast chargers to the province by December 2023.
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Scanning the road ahead for EV-ready condos

As the country moves to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, questions are brewing among people living in multi-unit dwellings.
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Canadian Property Management

Planning is key for electric vehicle charging stations

As more Ontarians transition to electric vehicles (EVs), high-rise residential and business properties will need EV charging stations and should seek expert advice to ensure their investments are managed safely and correctly.