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Minimizing the risk of winter mould

Winter brings increased precipitation, melting snow and ice, and warmer temperatures indoors – ideal conditions for indoor mould growth. Prevention is the key to avoiding

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Keep your team safe and healthy this fall

As the seasons change, everything from people’s mental state to the indoor air quality shifts. For your cleaning practices and maintenance procedures, it’s important to
Great Gulf

REMI Network

Great Gulf unveils newest active house in Ontario

An active house that sets new standards for indoor comfort, energy efficiency and sustainable building practices was recently on display in Bradford, Ontario.
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Healthy buildings improve productivity

The heightened focus on hygiene and sanitization in the last few years has shone a light on cleanliness as it relates to the safety of

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Keeping schools healthy and clean

As back-to-school approaches, custodians are facing the daunting task of keeping the environment sanitized and safe for students, teachers, and visitors, as people are constantly
indoor air quality

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Improving the indoor air quality in your building

The cooler weather is on its way, and when that happens, windows and bay doors start to stay closed, so facilities need to do what
common spaces

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The challenges of cleaning common spaces

As the public returns to a pre-COVID lifestyle, filling up common spaces, more and more hospitality facilities are following suit. Hotels and motels, restaurants, and
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Improve the air quality in your building with healthier paint

Indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a significant impact on the health and productivity of the occupants of your building. As a facility manager, indoor
air purification

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The importance of air purification

A sustainable and practical solution to indoor air pollution

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GBAC & Allergy Standards Ltd. commit to advancing IAQ education

The two organizations are extending their partnership to form an educational working group focused on IAQ in the built environment.

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5 ways to create cleaner environments in schools

To ensure schools are taking the best first step forward, their cleaning operations should zero in on five key areas of focus.
Allergy Standards

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GBAC partners with Allergy Standards on indoor health education

The course features four modules on IAQ, infection control, asthma and allergy challenges, and the triggers in buildings.

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Ventilation has become a recognized priority for infection control

Experts say controlling air quality and flow will be key to the fight against future viruses.
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Why clean indoor air must be made a priority

Keeping in mind the tangible benefits of ensuring clean indoor air in your facility is crucial to providing a safer and cleaner environment.

Canadian Property Management

IAQ: Today’s property management priority

In the wake of the pandemic, the ability to maintain clean and hygienic indoor environments has become central to keeping occupants safe,  comfortable and willing to remain in their spaces.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Putting IAQ first in facility management

In the world of facility management, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) reigns supreme. Clean, hygienic environments are now all but essential for protecting workers, easing anxieties, and keeping operations on track. 

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

HSC & Green Seal unite on standard for IAQ in schools

The standard will be the centrepiece of a program to help school facility management transform health and sustainability.