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Air purifiers often add to indoor air pollution

A new expert study found that many commercial electronic air cleaners actually release aerosols and other pollutants into buildings.

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Facility and property managers face important decisions everyday

Facility and property managers are faced with important decisions every day. Not only do they have to maintain equipment, prioritize improvements to the building, and manage their budget, but they are also responsible for ensuring the property supports employees as they work and tenants as they live.

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Upgrading HVAC systems an unclear process: survey

Improving air quality has been a priority for many facility managers during COVID-19 but many do not believe they have the information they need.
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Scientists find lack of focus on air quality

The American Association for the Advancement of Science Journal found there has been a lack of focus on how air quality factors into the prevention of environmental infection.
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How schools are boosting air quality measures

The report found that schools have prioritized ventilation and filtration to reduce the transmission of the virus.

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Air ventilation in multi-residential buildings

Achieving a healthy indoor environment begins with proper air ventilation, especially as buildings become more airtight. Kevin Smith explains the various systems available today.

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Virus hastens new tower at St. Michael’s Hospital

A much anticipated, and unfinished, addition to St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto was fast-tracked to keep pace with a fast-moving pandemic.

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HRAI develops COVID-19 awareness training program

HRAI is developing a COVID-19 training program for residential applications with the potential to expand into small commercial and ICI sectors.
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Cannabis production environment key to creating healthy inventory

Proper cleaning of cannabis production facilities may be the unsung hero of the industry and the difference between a healthy market and a lagging one.

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The importance of healthy indoor air quality

To achieve healthy indoor air quality, various measures can be applied, among which thorough and systematical air quality monitoring is the vital one.

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‘No VOCs’ product claim not always what it seems

Building occupants may still be inhaling VOCs and other chemical emissions despite the use of eco-friendly products.
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Simon Fraser University closer to becoming zero waste

Simon Fraser University is another step closer to becoming a zero-waste university, with Shrum Chemistry now one of its most energy efficient buildings.
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Forest fires pose indoor air quality challenge

Indoor air quality specialists concur that larger commercial buildings are among the better places to be when outdoor conditions are compromised since HVAC systems typically incorporate air filtration.
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Mobile app finds solutions for indoor air quality issues

A new mobile app helps individuals find solutions to indoor air quality problems in their workplace.
ASHRAE Legionella standard

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Addressing Legionella risk in buildings

ASHRAE Standard 188, released in 2015, requires that buildings evaluate where Legionella growth may occur in all water and plumbing systems.
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Living walls cultivate air quality and wellbeing

Living walls are becoming increasingly popular in retail, institutional, office and residential interior spaces, and for good reason.
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Balancing Tenant Comfort and HVAC Design

If an HVAC system is well-designed, with proper air quality and air flow, tenants will be satisfied and property managers will field fewer complaints.