EV chargers

EV chargers and your facility

As the demand for EV chargers continues to rise, maintenance and facility managers need to be proactive in meeting that demand. With increasing government initiatives

LEED v5 and water consumption for maintenance and property managers

Recently, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) formally introduced LEED v5, its latest leadership in the Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program. This proposed

Deterring and removing graffiti from your building

Graffiti vandalism is described as writings or drawings made to a property without the consent of the owner, and it has become a pervasive problem

Managing moisture and mould

In the vast and varied skyline of commercial buildings, mould growth can be lying in wait as a serious and potentially health-threatening issue. Whether it

Today’s interior paint offers innovation, sustainability, and efficiency

Paint has long been a concern for building and maintenance managers looking for affordable, aesthetic, and safe options. But there has been some evolution in

Handwashing and commercial cleaning

With all the attention that hygiene and sanitizing have received these last few years, the importance of handwashing has been highlighted as an important way

The keys to unlocking success in commercial cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning industry is thriving and is projected to grow even more in the coming years. This growth presents a significant opportunity for commercial cleaning

The value of workloading

Many owners and managers are looking into “workloading” as a solution for office cleaning. Introduced more than a decade ago and advocated by a leading

Update your lighting system with LEDs

Sustainability continues to influence facility and maintenance managers’ decision-making. As more halogen and incandescent light bulbs are being banned from sale and removed from the

Mitigating the risk of slips and falls on dry floors

Slip and fall accidents pose a risk with wet and dirty floors, but floors can be slippery when they’re dry, too. Floors become slippery when

Today’s top commercial cleaning challenges

Competition is fierce for commercial cleaners. Between razor-thin margins, continuing labour shortages, and an increased demand for better technology and more sustainability, today’s janitorial staff

Revolutionizing building maintenance with drones

In the realm of modern architecture and urban landscapes, the care and maintenance of buildings are vital components for longevity, aesthetics, and sustainability. However, traditional

4 ways that facilities can help support the planet

As many companies evaluate their impact on the planet, developing programs and practices that align with their ESG goals, facility cleaning and maintenance are certainly

Cleaning pet-friendly spaces

From restaurants to hotels to office buildings, many places now welcome pets on-property, which can become a challenge for cleaners. As office spaces continue to

Spring cleaning your warehouse

Often, we focus on the interior of the building and the grounds when spring arrives, but does your warehouse need a little TLC? Changing seasons

Building your cleaning business

As we look back at the first quarter of 2024, you may be planning to grow your cleaning business by adding new team members and

Washing the winter away

The winter often leaves salt and sand on walkways, in parking lots, and at building entrances that the rain won’t wash away. As part of