AMG Medical

Making it easier for cleaning professionals

Applying a “human-centered” approach.

BentallGreenOak & Fitwel championing healthy buildings

As a Fitwel® Champion and Industry Advisor for the Viral Response Module, BentallGreenOak is helping to ensure evolving health and wellness demands are met in Canadian real estate.

Promoting health and wellness

Fitwel and the Center for Active Design, in collaboration with industry leaders such as QuadReal Property Group, are at the forefront of meeting evolving demands for health and wellness in commercial real estate in Canada.
Property Answer

REMI Show 2021 sponsor: Property Answer

Property Answer is one of the platinum sponsors for the virtual 2021 Show, which will take place across four hours on June 16.
Scandinavian Building Services

ISSA Show Canada 2021 sponsor: Scandinavian Building Services

Scandinavian Building Services and Lighthouse will host a session called Janitorial Quality Assurance.

ISSA Show Canada 2021 sponsor: CloroxPro

CloroxPro's Barley Chironda will host a session called Electrostatic Technology: A New Method for Surface Disinfection.
public washrooms

Intelligent public washrooms: A promising solution for the future

Recent technological advances have made it possible to develop innovative ways to manage public washroom maintenance intelligently.
reports solutions

A place to call home: Help shape more resilient cities

2020 has taken our cities by surprise. Canadians are demanding productive, private, and personalized spaces to live, work, and play. The health and economic implications
cleaning vs. disinfecting

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting: Seeing the “bigger picture”

A.M.G. Medical's Melissa Balinsky explains the key differences in cleaning vs. disinfecting and how both practices can meet new standards.
Cascades PRO

Superior dispensers, superior protection with Cascades PRO

78% of Americans are concerned about touching surfaces in public restrooms during the coronavirus pandemic. And 67% mention paper towels as their preferred method of

Don’t Forget the Soap

The 2020 pandemic has turned a focus on hand hygiene, and while using hand sanitizer is important for preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2, it's critical to keep regular handwashing with soap in the mix.
paper hand towels

Scientists Recommend Drying with Paper Hand Towels

Drying your hands with paper hand towels is the most effective method for reducing the proliferation of bacteria among people.

Innovative Technologies Disrupting Today’s Cleaning Industry

After nearly a decade of little to no major product advancements in the commercial cleaning industry, the last few years have been pivotal in the industry’s evolution.

A Cleaner First Impression

Public perception can make or break a business, especially at large facilities where a great first impression and good experience help ensure repeat visits.
cordless backpack vacuums

Alliance Meets Safety Goals with Cordless Backpack Vacuums

Alliance Building Services is using cordless backpack vacuums to improve cleaning safety, especially with day porters cleaning around building occupants.
floor maintenance

Facility Floor Maintenance: Tips and Tools

Adopting and following a regular floor maintenance schedule and sourcing easy-to-use products to help sustain the look of any finished floor.
outdoor maintenance

Outdoor Maintenance Projects to Tackle this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to deal with outdoor maintenance projects. Here are some tips from Elite Trade Painting's Mike Benteau on where to start.