Bill 91

Bill 91: permission given but details missing

Condo corporations can thank the pandemic for the modernization of how meetings, voting and service of documents occur for communities in Ontario.
minimum wage

The impact of minimum wage increases

This minimum wage increase is larger than most in recent history, second only to that imposed on January 1, 2018.
hybrid meetings

Giving hybrid meetings a second thought

If one primary meeting objective is to get enough votes without excluding owners who prefer in-person meetings, then hybrid is the way to go.
Ontario keeps clinging to 2016 market values

Ontario keeps clinging to 2016 market values

The recent regulation to postpone Ontario's property reassessment for another year stretches the assessment cycle to double its originally intended time span.
governing documents

Enforcing the governing documents

How can a property manager or board member understand what steps to take when enforcing the governing documents?

Actuaries garner new insight into condo finances

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ latest insight statement on the longevity of condo infrastructure explores several risks.
Ontario offers bonus incentives on retrofits

Ontario offers bonus incentives for retrofits

Bonus incentives for energy efficiency upgrades will be available to select commercial and multifamily landlords and condominium corporations in Ontario during the second and third quarters of 2023.
Ontario awaits patchy debut of discount power

Ontario awaits patchy debut of discount power

Most condominium corporations and rental housing landlords will need to make capital investments in energy storage to realize the benefits of Ontario's ultra-low overnight electricity rate.
Cooling deemed key amenity for Ontario renters

Cooling deemed key amenity for Ontario renters

Conceptually, the proposed rules establish air conditioning as a protected option that tenants cannot be prevented from obtaining rather than an essential that landlords would be compelled to supply.
emergency prepardeness

Updating your condo’s emergency response plan

As spring temperatures arrive and snow and ice finally recede, condominium managers often face property maintenance issues that arise or were neglected during the winter
New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

A new oversight regime for Ontario’s elevators and escalators will come into force on March 1, bringing shorter timelines for rectifying an extensive list of designated high-risk deficiencies.

Legislation escalating condo manager workloads

There are many problems with having property managers act as a condo’s legal representative in a CAT application.

Have you implemented your harassment rules and policies?

Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, we have seen an increasing trend of unacceptable behaviour within condo communities, directed at property managers, directors, other owners/residents and even contractors.

Electric ride-sharing is the newest condo amenity

Residents of a freshly built mid-rise in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto have a fleet of electric vehicles waiting for them to use, whether that’s for a trip around town, a weekend getaway to the cottage or visiting family out-of-province.
condo managers

Creating a career path for condo managers

Rallying future condo managers to join the industry, including young professionals, requires a great deal of awareness, which is currently lacking.
virtual meetings

Future of virtual meetings and e-voting hangs in the balance for many condos as deadline looms

Condo corporations able hold virtual meetings and conduct advance and real-time e-voting without a bylaw may possibly see this privilege cease after September 30.

What the right-to-disconnect policy means for condo corporations

Although the new rules fall short of “requiring most workplaces have a right to disconnect policy," they do serve as an important reminder to employers and condo corporations on certain issues.