Recent thefts draw attention to condo security

A few Toronto-based condos authorized a “safety and security” committee, made up of owners, to research security concerns and solutions and advise the board of directors.
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Prioritizing the safety of cleaning professionals

Now more than ever, cleaning workers need to know that their employers are taking their safety seriously.
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Safety compliance for condo corporations

As employers, condo corporations can be prosecuted under the ‘general duty’ clause, even when complying with OHSA safety compliance regulations.
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A Spotless History

After 15 years in the business, Metro Jet Wash has grown to accommodate new challenges, collecting new insights, technologies and perspectives along the way.
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Injuries to young workers declining in Nova Scotia

As more young people enter the workforce, workers and employers in Nova Scotia are being encouraged to make workplace safety a priority.
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What Alberta’s health and safety changes mean for employers

A new OHS system come into effect in Alberta on June 1, a move the province promises will better protect workers and ensure their rights.
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New LED lighting for Beacon Hill Park in Quebec

To enhance its sports and recreational facilities and save energy, the city of Beaconsfield, Que., recently replaced the lighting at Beacon Hill Park.
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Undertaking fire alarm retrofits in older buildings

The replacement of a fire alarm system in an existing building can be a complex and challenging undertaking for building owners.

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ACSA celebrates millionth safety milestone

The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) celebrated the association’s one millionth student to take safety training in the province at the end of August. Up
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New Occupational Health Clinic opens in Ottawa

Ontario has opened a new Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) in Ottawa, dedicated to help treat and reduce workplace-related injuries and diseases for
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Workplace tragedy spurs call for risk framework

Industry is urged to implement risk management framework after a project manager was found guilty of criminal negligence in the '‘swing stage case."
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Balcony mishaps in residential towers

Most Canadian cities see up to ten residential high-rise balcony- and window-related accidents per year. Here is an inside look at why they happen and how to help prevent them.

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T.O. boy dies after fall from apartment building

According to an article from CBC news, three-year-old Wallace Passos has passed away, following a fall from the window of a 17th-floor unit in a Toronto apartment building. After being rushed to hospital, the young boy, who was described by paramedics as being in “grave condition,” succumbed to his injuries.

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Quebec commits funds for sprinkler retrofits

The 2015-16 Quebec budget earmarks $70.6 million over the next five years to underwrite sprinkler retrofits in more than 1,300 privately owned seniors’ residences. This