Future Cities

Future Cities Institute aspires for breakthroughs

The institute aims to tackle the systemic drivers of housing-related affordability and innovate across sectors.

How can developers protect against defaulting buyers? Mitigation strategies in today’s market

Developers of residential homes have faced significantly increased numbers of purchasers not closing their deals due to the inability to obtain financing.

Condos viewed as viable long-term housing option

A recent survey, commissioned by Toronto developer Devron, shows that 47% of Torontonians believe condos are viable long-term housing option.

The intricacies of EV infrastructure remain at odds with condo legislation

The electric vehicle landscape is complex, ever-changing and at the cutting edge of technology. For condominium corporations and their owners, this means that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Addressing hidden damages in condominiums

Condo managers who understand a condo’s life stages, hidden damages, and inspections are more likely to develop effective reserve fund plans with logical budget allotments.

Shaping Toronto’s skyline

While improvements in construction technology, metallurgy and resource management have helped developers to build high-rises at more feasible costs, the design process could be more closely considered.

Politics, red tape and the housing industry crisis

A timeline of legislation that shaped Ontario’s current supply and affordability issues.
Defaulted real estate loans on the upswing

Defaulted real estate loans on the upswing

Many creditors and debtors are now grappling with the fallout from a largely unexpected change in market conditions over the course of their loan agreements.
embodied carbon

Reducing embodied carbon in capital projects

Condo owners now have the opportunity to understand the embodied carbon impacts of capital replacements work at their buildings.

WELL evolves into residential communities

Minto Communities is the first developer in Canada to pilot the WELL for residential program, which sets out to create healthier homes.

Tailoring amenities to evolving demographics

The types of amenities that were once popular in condos have changed.

A guide to understanding noise in condos

Resolving noise complaints requires an understanding of how sound moves through a building and the obligations of a condominium.

Mortgage tips for new and existing condo owners

While the monthly fees and mortgage process can differ slightly from traditional property ownership, condos are an opportunity to grow with your community and have a say in maintaining the structure, amenities and more.

What’s next for condominium insurance?

Timely maintenance and improvements will play an important role in securing favourable coverage terms and avoiding delays in the renewal process.
Interest rates subdue multifamily development

Interest rates subdue multifamily developers

Fallout from higher interest rates may continue to subdue multifamily development, but lenders express more confidence in prospects for new purpose-built rental and high-rise condominium projects next year.

A new approach to mid-rise living in Etobicoke

A new spin on the concept of stacked townhomes is promised to boost missing middle housing typologies in the Greater Toronto Area.
condo terrace

Designing a successful private condo terrace

The first step is to have a landscape architect draft up a preliminary plan for the terrace or balcony renovation.