Palace Pier

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CCI-Toronto names Palace Pier condo of the year

The condo, located at 2045 Lakeshore Blvd West, stood out from its contemporaries with an early call to action when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.


Condos see ‘significant shift’ in operations

There is a significant shift in the way condo corporations are managing common elements, noisy neighbours and condo meetings.
electronic voting


Electronic voting still met with resistance

Opponents of electronic voting are scared it will expose the archaic and flawed system of proxy voting for what it is: unnecessary and obsolete.


New Alberta condo rules to increase transparency

The Province of Alberta is launching new condo rules that will increase transparency and improve condominium governance in the province.
Community Associations Institute


Community Associations Institute forms Canadian chapter

Community Associations Institute has announced the introduction of a Canadian chapter headquartered in Toronto that will be known as CAI Canada.
condominium owners


Keeping condominium owners in the loop

With the right people, tools and strategy, it’s possible for communication committees to keep condominium owners in the loop.
condo board


How a condo board divided can remain united

A common goal can help foster a healthy space for debating the merits of various options — even if a condo board decision is ultimately made by a 3-2 vote.