Kryton Maturix

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Kryton acquires Maturix technology

Kryton International has acquired a 30 per cent interest in Sensohive Technologies ApS of Odense, Denmark and will be distributor of the Maturix technology.

REMI Network

Fall inspections to curtail costly winter repairs

The changing seasons bring freeze and thaw cycles, falling leaves, organic growth and harsh weather conditions that can wreak havoc on a facility.
recycled tires

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Recycled tires create more resilient concrete: study

Researchers at the University of British Columbia used recycled tires to develop a stronger concrete that could be used for buildings.
Sika Canada

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Sika Canada opens British Columbia plant

Sika Canada has officially opened its new mortars and concrete admixtures plant in Surrey, British Columbia. Sika Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Switzerland-based Sika
Embalse de Valmayor en la Comunidad de Madrid

Construction Business

Advancements in self-consolidating concrete

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a revolutionary building material that is widely regarded as one of the most significant technological advancements in the concrete industry in years.
Precast concrete

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Sustainable strategy for precast concrete

A peer reviewed ISO compliant study from CPCI evaluates the impacts throughout the life of a precast concrete structure.

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Optimizing performance – Extending the service life of concrete structures

Many people think of concrete as a durable, long-lasting material; however, the past 40 years has shown it might be otherwise.