Tools and technology for better management

Nicholas Gill, director of sales and marketing for BuildingLink Canada, discusses ways to effectively communicate with clients using technology.
Mike Fenton of Paragon Security talks condo security

New standards for condo security

This video report discusses condo security and how a building can stay safe. Commentator: Mike Fenton of Paragon Security.
Sue Langlois

New condo technologies changing the industry

This video report discusses new condo technololgies. Commentator:'s Sue Langlois.

Reserve fund studies

This video report discusses reserve fund studies. Commentator: Halsall's Sally Thompson.

Mandatory qualifications for condo managers

This video report discusses pending revisions to the Condominium Act, specifically what it will mean to the industry when condominium managers are required to have qualifications. Commentator: Brookfield Residential Services' Murray Johnson.
Armand Conant & John Deacon

Bad court rulings

This video report looks at bad court rulings and the impacts on the condo community. Commentators: Shibley Righton's Armand Conant and John Deacon of Deacon Spears Fedson & Montizambert.
Patricia Elia and Roger Tinkler

Selling safety to condo boards

This video report looks at what condo boards must do to ensure the safety of residents during construction and renovation projects. Commentators: Elia Associates' Patricia Elia and Tickner & Associates' Roger Tickner.
Jason Rivait & Puja Walia

No dogs allowed

This video report provides the scoop on pets in condos. Commentators: Jason Rivait, a condominium lawyer at Heenan Blaikie LLP, and Puja Walia, an associate in the law firm of Deacon Spears Fedson & Montizambert.
Armand Conant & Mario Deo

Legal consideratons

This video report looks at rental condos and budget deficiencies. Commentators: Shibley Righton's Armand Conant and Fine & Deo's Mario Deo.
Patricia Conway & Catherine Murdock

Human rights complaints

This video report looks at how to keep human rights complaints at bay. Commentators: Patricia Conway, a partner in the law firm of Miller Thomson LLP, and Catherine Murdock, district manager for Del Property Management Inc.
Paul Coninx & Danny Mauti

Taking out the trash

This video report looks at smart technology for waste management. Commentators: Paul Coninx, asset project manager, compactor upgrade program, Toronto Community Housing, and Danny Mauti, president and CEO, PragmaTech Ltd.

Building a better Condominium Act

This video report addresses the need to revise the Condominium Act, 1998. Commentators: CCI's Bill Thompson, Gardiner Miller Arnold's Christopher Jaglowitz and Beredan Management & Consulting's Robert Buckler.
Tasso Eracles, Stephen Karr

The challenges of condo conversion

This video report will look at the challenges of condo conversion. Commentators: Simerra Property Management's CEO, Tasso Eracles, and Stephen Karr, a partner in the law firm of Harris Sheaffer LLP.
Andrew Brethour, Pauline Lierman

Condo market report

This video report looks at how the GTA condo market is currently performing and where it's headed. Commentators: PMA Brethour Realty Group's president, Andrew Brethour, and Urbanation's senior research analyst, Pauline Lierman.
Kevin Brodie, Leor Margulies

Regulatory changes to Tarion

This video report looks at new and proposed revisions to the home warranty program. Commentators: Tarion Warranty Corp.'s Kevin Brodie and Robins Appleby & Taub's Leor Margulies.
Sharon Vogel, Mike Harpell

Falling glass

This video report looks at the legal fallout of falling glass from condo buildings and how to combat the mishap in the first place. Commentators: Borden Ladner Gervais' Sharon Vogel and Read Jones Christoffersen's Mike Harpell.
John Deacon, Marko Djurdjevac

Legal update

This video report provides a legal update on recent legislative challenges and court rulings. Commentators: Deacon Spears Fedson & Montizambert's John Deacon and Miller Thomson's Marko Djurdjevac.