Health & Safety


Canada far from meeting accessibility goals

Federally-regulated organizations will need to prioritize specific actions that advance accessibility and disability inclusion by 2040.
Passive House

A first Passive House retrofit in Halifax

Once complete, it will serve as an inspiration for others pursuing deep retrofits of existing buildings, an endeavour that offers the most hope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Halifax.

Accommodating disabilities in the workplace

The accommodation process is inherently collaborative, and employers and employees need to be cooperative, share information, and work together to find potential accommodation solutions.

Cultivating safe schools

Schools across the country have changed over the past two years. Canadian perception was such that violence and crime were troubling issues taking place in

A workplace guide to ASHRAE Standard 241

Before ASHRAE Standard 241, there were no specific standards for the control of infectious aerosols in our indoor environments.

New standards for sustainable material use

A new set of standards defines minimum sustainability criteria for high-volume materials used in architecture and interior projects.

Patient safety during hospital flood events

When a flooding event occurs, either weather-based or mechanical, the effects can be swift and devastating.

A new healthcare tower for a diverse community

The new Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre in Toronto’s east end ushers in a new era of healthcare.
New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

A new oversight regime for Ontario’s elevators and escalators will come into force on March 1, bringing shorter timelines for rectifying an extensive list of designated high-risk deficiencies.
health care

Innovations in health care monitoring technology

There are so many innovative ways to use surveillance technology and equipment beyond traditional security.

Minding mould in LTC and hospitals

Air exchanges and mechanical systems that were sufficient when buildings were constructed may be considered undersized today, allowing fertile ground for mould growth.
World Workplace

A recap of IFMA’s World Workplace

In the past, cleaning suppliers, landscapers, and pest control companies dominated FM shows. Not anymore.

Psychological ergonomics in the workplace

Jobs with high cognitive demand and/or psychological stress have also been linked to increased incidents of musculoskeletal disorders.

Hybrid workplaces give rise to legal dilemmas

Organizations are kickstarting work models that reflect flexible preferences, but along with this culture shift comes new legal considerations and best practices for equitable treatment.
human factors

Workers now expect more from employers — a human factors approach can help

People are now looking to see if the organizations they work for align with their personal health needs.
UV-C light

Safely using UV-C light to disinfect indoor spaces

Historically, there have been two strategies to address the safety concerns with using UV-C light to disinfect air in occupied spaces.

Strategies to reduce the risk of COVID in schools

Schools should implement these layered prevention strategies to mitigate the risks of COVID infection or transmission to the school community and beyond.