Energy storage prompts battery of precautions

Energy storage prompts a battery of precautions

In step with the projected surge in energy storage installations, fire safety advisors are actively working to help clean tech adopters understand and mitigate the risks.
cleaning labels

Why reading chemical labels has never been more important

The pandemic certainly changed the way many organizations approach cleaning and disinfecting, and reading chemical labels is vital. Facilities of all types are using disinfectants
night cleaning

Keeping night cleaning workers safe

Night cleaning and maintenance work can make sense in some situations, but it comes with its own set of challenges and potential hazards.
foodborne diseases

Fighting foodborne diseases in facilities

The most common foodborne illnesses in North American are caused by norovirus, listeria, salmonella, and E. coli.
HVAC filters

HVAC filters demand predicted to keep rising

The driving factor for growth market is increasing demand for HVAC systems and awareness around IAQ.
robotic tech

OSHA updates guidance on robotic tech

The cleaning and janitorial industry has come to increasingly rely on robotic tech, and this requires updated stringent standards.
fire management system

Remember your smoke management system

Smoke can impede a person’s ability to breathe, but it may also contain toxic particles or vapours that affix themselves to the lungs and wreak havoc from within. It’s for these reasons that property managers must make the health and efficiency of their smoke management systems an ongoing priority.
fire safety

Fire safety systems: Have you checked your water?

The worst time to discover your fire safety system lacks adequate water supply is when an emergency strikes. And yet, it’s not uncommon for negative impacts to a building’s water sources to go unnoticed by property management teams until that system is needed most.
cleaning professionals

Prioritizing the safety of cleaning professionals

Now more than ever, cleaning workers need to know that their employers are taking their safety seriously.
HVAC systems

Standard for cleaning HVAC systems updated

The 2021 NADCA Standard defines the minimum performance and procedural requirements for cleaning HVAC systems.
workplace virus rule

Virginia introduces America’s first permanent workplace virus rule

Virginia, the first state to introduce a temporary workplace virus measure last year, has voted to enact a permanent ruling.
Fire code updates demand ongoing vigilance

Fire code updates demand steady upkeep

Although they increasingly rely on professional service providers to keep up with the complexities of compliance, owners/managers ultimately carry the responsibility for life safety and bear the brunt of enforcement.
vapour barrier

The science behind contaminant vapour barrier systems

REGENESIS CEO Scott Wilson spotlights how contaminant vapour barriers work to offer much safer and healthier built environments.

ANSI Standards for UV-C devices under development

The first ANSI Standards for ultraviolet C-band (UV-C) device performance are expected to be published before the end of the year.
waste management

Technology gets smart about waste management

Waste equipment and services that can process and organize vast amounts of data help inform sustainable practices throughout the facility.
long-term care

Nova Scotia introduces new COVID-19 measures at long-term care homes

The provincial government has introduced new measures to protect long-term-care facility residents and staff from the spread of COVID-19.

Some disinfectants safer than others

The list of active ingredients used in disinfectants is lengthy and full of trade-offs.