hard-surface floor

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

IICRC publishes new standard for hard-surface floor coverings

The IICRC standard describes non-destructive procedures and methods for professional inspectors to follow for hard-surface floor coverings.
building code

Canadian Property Management

Keeping up with the Building Code

As Canada moves to adopt a “net-zero energy ready” model by 2030, changes to the National Building Code will hold new property constructions and retrofits to more stringent energy usage guidelines.
IFMA standard RICS professional standard

Canadian Facility Management & Design

IFMA celebrates publication of newest FM standard

IFMA is celebrating the publication of a new management systems standard for the industry: “ISO 41001, Facility Management – Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use.”
IFMA standard RICS professional standard

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Green Squared recommended for federal purchasing

Green Squared has been added to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Recommendations of Specifications, Standards, and Ecolabels for Federal Purchasing.

Construction Business

Standardized construction cost reporting sought

A proposed new framework for construction cost reporting is aimed at enabling consistent and transparent cross-border comparisons of the capital outlay required for a dozen different categories of commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.

Canadian Property Management

Real estate investment data standards adopted

A new standardized approach for collecting, measuring and interpreting real estate investment performance data responds to the ever widening scope of global portfolios and institutional investors' need for transparency and cross-border consistency.

Canadian Property Management

Global real estate ethics standards in works

The draft standards and associated consultation period follow 15 months of work since the effort was launched at the United Nations in October 2014 to develop a consistent global definition of appropriate behaviour that practitioners, clients, third parties and stakeholders can readily reference.
UL Environment

REMI Network

CRE coalition defines ethical business conduct

A coalition of global real organizations is seeking input on the attractiveness of ethical business conduct in a place of employment, in contracting professional services and/or in investment decisions.