risk of infection

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Silver foil can affect risk of infection in hospitals

Researchers found the risk of contamination on foil-covered high-touch surfaces was significantly lower.
surface contamination

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The science behind surface contamination

Surface contamination plays an important role in the spread of infections like gastroenteritis, hepatitis, rotavirus, and norovirus
vapour barrier

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

The science behind contaminant vapour barrier systems

REGENESIS CEO Scott Wilson spotlights how contaminant vapour barriers work to offer much safer and healthier built environments.
Airline cabin

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

The role airline cabins play in keeping facilities clean and healthy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Canadian shores, building managers and cleaning professionals have increased cleaning frequencies significantly to remove pathogens and protect health. Although it
soil sample results

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Soil sample results intensify cleanup demands

Hazardous contaminants from former industrial operations still linger in a now largely residential area of Edmonton.
environmental protection order

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Alberta issues environmental protection order at former Sears Canada site

Alberta issued an environmental protection order against Sears Canada and Concord North Hill GP Ltd for neglecting an underground storage tank leak.