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aging residential towers

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Investing in Canada’s aging residential towers

Aging residential towers are in dire need of investment, something the pandemic has underscored given the scores of frontline workers who’ve been disproportionately affected.
Fire code updates demand ongoing vigilance

Canadian Property Management

Fire code updates demand steady upkeep

Although they increasingly rely on professional service providers to keep up with the complexities of compliance, owners/managers ultimately carry the responsibility for life safety and bear the brunt of enforcement.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

Code rigour relaxed for ad hoc health care space

The NFPA guidance on alternative compliance options was developed to address four scenarios that have been rapidly arising in the United States.

REMI Network

COVID-19 resource for condo managers and boards

A new resource, available for managers and boards, offers a due diligent standard approach for fire, safety and security during the COVID-19 response.
Condo repairs


Comment: The cost of experts

There is an adage that says, "The only thing more expensive than a professional is an amateur," and nowhere is this truer than in a condominium setting.
restoring power

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Restoring power to electrical systems post flood

Flooding heightens the risk of occupational electrical-related fatalities and injuries when restoring power to electrical systems.

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UL acquires CLEB, Canadian building envelope services provider

UL has acquired CLEB, a Montreal-based company that provides building envelope and building science services.
building systems

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Safeguarding vital building systems during floods

Protecting vital building systems that address comfort, usability, life safety, fire prevention and compliance with general occupancy requirements.

Canadian Property Management

Flammable refrigerants demand caution

Do-it-yourself refrigerant conversion kits threaten to blow inadequate Canadian safety regulations wide open. Literally.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Stair railings a necessary safety feature

When should stairwell railings be updated? Dennis Parolin, president of Dufferin Iron & Railings, provides insight.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Residential managers troubleshoot in flood zone

Emergency plans should account for tenants' potential lack of preparedness and their need for information when ...
Patricia Elia and Roger Tinkler


Selling safety to condo boards

This video report looks at what condo boards must do to ensure the safety of residents during construction and renovation projects. Commentators: Elia Associates' Patricia Elia and Tickner & Associates' Roger Tickner.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Recognizing safety threats in the janitor’s closet

Cleaning chemicals rely on powerful formulas to help loosen and remove soils and contaminants from all types of surfaces. When used properly, they are generally safe. When used improperly, problems can arise.


When the lights go out

Residents of highrise condominiums are particularly vulnerable to long-term power outages, which can leave the elderly stranded in the dark ...
Sharon Vogel, Mike Harpell


Falling glass

This video report looks at the legal fallout of falling glass from condo buildings and how to combat the mishap in the first place. Commentators: Borden Ladner Gervais' Sharon Vogel and Read Jones Christoffersen's Mike Harpell.