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Ontario workplace inspectors launch safety blitz

Ontario workplace inspectors are now visiting construction sites across the province, targeting personal protective equipment.
TSSA Safety Award

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TSSA honours 2019 Safety Award recipients

The TSSA Safety Awards Program has two award categories that recognize acts and initiatives that enhance public safety for Ontarians.

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WSIB eliminates unfunded liability charge

Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board reveals key rate changes for next year.
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WSIB to undergo review

The provincial government launched the review on May 23, 2019. A report to the minister of labour is expected by the end of the year.

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Ten things FMs should know about eyewashes

Fast action and the right action are essential to protecting the eyes.

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Partnership to support workplace psychological health in Sask.

WCB and UFred have signed a partnership agreement to increase access to training and resources for Saskatchewan employers to create psychologically healthy workplaces.

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Reducing damaging noise in the workplace

Work-related noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is much more common than people think. According to WSIB thousands of Ontarians report having NIHL each year.
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Ontario hikes fines for workplace health and safety

Ontario has increased the maximum fines for individuals and businesses that don't comply with workplace health and safety standards.
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Alberta overhauls workplace safety rules

Workers in Alberta would be able to refuse unsafe work conditions under new workplace safety legislation the provincial government is proposing.

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Handling recycling and waste is hurting janitors

Every day, millions of janitors compromise safety when handling garbage and recycled materials.
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B.C. storage rack regulations take effect 2018

New resource guides help navigate the Occupational Health and Safety storage rack regulation coming into effect January 2018.

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Tork launches online guide to identify performance improvement gaps

Tork's new online platform offers guidance for how workforce safety and hygiene can complement new technology and improve efficiency.
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New technology advances safety management

Information technology is safety management, with rapid advances in cloud computing and data management technologies.
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Ontario action plan promotes construction safety

Ontario has announced the implementation of a Construction Health and Safety Action Plan to help prevent construction injuries, illnesses and fatalities.
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Alberta, police refine workplace injury and death investigations

Alberta is working on new rules to improve the way workplace injury and deaths are investigated.
Scott Safety

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3M to acquire Scott Safety from Johnson Controls

3M will acquire Scott Safety from Johnson Controls for $2 billion in mid-2017 and boost its personal safety portfolio.