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Waste management tips for avoiding unwanted pests

Summer is fast-approaching, which means annoying pests will soon be out in full force. These creatures can become a problem for a facility if left unchecked.

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Q&A: What China’s plastic ban means for waste management industry

Colin Bell from RecycleSmart Solutions explains what the Chinese ban on imported plastic means for the waste management industry and possible solutions.
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Prevent pests with proper waste management

When evaluating the best waste management practices for your property, it’s important to keep pest control in mind. Apartment complexes offer everything pests need to survive: food, water, warmth and shelter.

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Options for handling forgotten waste areas

There are now several options that help facilities proactively address issues related to forgotten and ignored waste areas.
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How IoT is making waste management smarter

The decreasing costs of sensors means the Internet of Things is rapidly moving into new areas of commercial properties, such as waste management.
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Edmonton litter audit reveals cleaner city

The results of Capital City Clean Up’s 2017 Litter Audit show a continued trend towards less litter on Edmonton’s streets.

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Calgary bylaw change in effect for waste diversion

A bylaw amendment is now in effect requiring Calgary-based facilities to separate yard and food waste from the garbage to encourage diversion.

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Facilities urged to properly dispose of fats, oils, grease

Compared to residential units, ICI facilities often discharge larger amounts of fats, oils and grease into the sanitary sewer.

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Handling recycling and waste is hurting janitors

Every day, millions of janitors compromise safety when handling garbage and recycled materials.
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Input needed for food, organic waste framework

Ontario is asking for input on a proposed food and organic waste action plan, which may include banning food waste from disposal.
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Mississauga adopts greener purchasing practices

The City of Mississauga is updating its purchasing practices in order to make the decision-making process much more sustainable and ethical.
LEAP Awards

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HOOPP LEAP Awards honour environmental leadership

HOOPP recently handed out its sixth annual LEAP Awards to honour property managers and tenants across Canada for leadership in sustainability initiatives.
Green Standards

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Green Standards partners with GM for landfill-free solution to office transformation

General Motors (GM) has partnered with Green Standards in an effort to divert $1-million worth of used office equipment from landfills.
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Ontario searches for waste reduction champions

Canada is celebrating the 15th anniversary of Waste Reduction Week, which runs from October 17 to 23.
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Duo builds ‘unique’ prototype for bin cleaning

Two Winnipeg men have designed and built a prototype of a mobile pressure washing truck that sustainably sterilizes and deodorizes all garbage bins.
Waste-Free Ontario Act

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Province passes Waste-Free Ontario Act

A new law to divert more waste from landfills will soon be rolled out in Ontario.
Waste-Free Ontario Act

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Designing for better waste management

A building's design influences the operational efficiency waste collection programs, the cost of servicing the programs and diversion rates.