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plastic waste glut attributed to China's ban on imports

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Plastic waste glut could fuel innovation

A new report projects the market for polymer recycling could reach USD $162 billion by 2030, but investment will be required to improve sorting and reduce contamination.
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Keeping garbage areas in condos healthy and safe

Cleaning garbage rooms and waste chutes is a maintenance concern for all condo corporations, but the current pandemic has made this to-do item even more relevant.
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Technology gets smart about waste management

Waste equipment and services that can process and organize vast amounts of data help inform sustainable practices throughout the facility.

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Hamilton deploys waste bins for safe needle disposal

Hamilton is placing disposal containers for sharps waste in select locations around the city to help reduce the number of improperly discarded needles.
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Built Green Canada promotes waste management

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a national year-round program that kicks-off in October and focuses on the circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction.

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B.C. organization calls on public to recycle safe

Recycle BC is warning residents in British Columbia to pay attention to the hazardous materials that are being placed in the province’s residential packaging and paper

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Partnership urges Canadians to rethink plastics

10,000 Changes has been made possible through funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

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RCO takes action on plastic waste

The Plastic Action Centre is designed for Canadians to become more informed on plastic waste.

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IEHA adds waste audit to sustainability certification

IEHA announced its Sustainability Professional (SP) Credential now requires applicants to demonstrate practical competencies in waste management.
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More smokers stoke litter and fire risk

Business, professional and public interest groups are devising and deploying strategies to promote common sense and minimize risk, discord and environmental fallout.
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Waste management tips for avoiding unwanted pests

Summer is fast-approaching, which means annoying pests will soon be out in full force. These creatures can become a problem for a facility if left unchecked.

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Q&A: What China’s plastic ban means for waste management industry

Colin Bell from RecycleSmart Solutions explains what the Chinese ban on imported plastic means for the waste management industry and possible solutions.
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Prevent pests with proper waste management

When evaluating the best waste management practices for your property, it’s important to keep pest control in mind. Apartment complexes offer everything pests need to survive: food, water, warmth and shelter.
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Options for handling forgotten waste areas

There are now several options that help facilities proactively address issues related to forgotten and ignored waste areas.
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How IoT is making waste management smarter

The decreasing costs of sensors means the Internet of Things is rapidly moving into new areas of commercial properties, such as waste management.

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Edmonton litter audit reveals cleaner city

The results of Capital City Clean Up’s 2017 Litter Audit show a continued trend towards less litter on Edmonton’s streets.

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Calgary bylaw change in effect for waste diversion

A bylaw amendment is now in effect requiring Calgary-based facilities to separate yard and food waste from the garbage to encourage diversion.