fall pests

How to prepare your facility for fall pests

As temperatures drop, buildings are vulnerable to pests looking for food and shelter from the outdoor elements.
commercial cleaning company

What are office managers looking for in a commercial cleaning company in 2022?

There are a few specifics office managers want to see.
environmentally friendly offices

Employees expect environmentally friendly offices

Six in 10 workers surveyed feel their office is "shamefully eco-unfriendly"
office cleaning

Execs identify office cleaning as most important incentive to workers

C-suite executives recognize that ensuring adequate office cleaning is vital to workers' willingness to return to the workplace.

Protecting your facility from pandemic-hardened pests

Social distancing and reduced capacities have emboldened pests and created additional challenges for facilities.
UV-C light

Safely using UV-C light to disinfect indoor spaces

Historically, there have been two strategies to address the safety concerns with using UV-C light to disinfect air in occupied spaces.
sustainable offices

Workers are seeking sustainable offices for the future

A recent Essity survey found that four in five workers would prefer a more environmentally friendly office.
mental health

Report illuminates workers’ mental health struggles

As organizations welcome employees back to the workplace in various forms, a new report says they would be wise to consider amping up mental health supports as soon as possible.
bed bugs

Toronto is Canada’s hotspot for bed bugs

As Canadians start to travel back into facilities en masse, so too will bed bugs. So what can be done to stop them?

The new commercial office takes shape

Facility managers and BSCs are reassessing how they maintain safe office environments. Keeping best practices in mind is vital.

COVID-19’s impact on hygiene is lingering

A Cascades PRO consumer poll offers valuable end-user insights for the cleaning and maintenance industry moving forward.
office cleaning

Office cleaning costs and upgrades on the rise

The cost of office maintenance dropped significantly in the pandemic when workers went remote, but it's on the rise again.
ServiceMaster Clean

ServiceMaster Clean: Dedication to clean

ServiceMaster Clean is focusing on education in pursuit of new standards of hygiene.
office cleaning

Many workers may quit if office cleaning lacks

More than one-third of respondents would consider changing their jobs if their workplace was not cleaned properly.
flu season

Flu season and cleaning — the proof is in the pudding

People want to have confidence that thorough daily cleaning is occurring.

Taking risk out of future workplace strategy

Right now, the world is awash with buzzwords, trends, and experts who claim they know exactly what the future workplace will look like.

Why wait? The new office normal is up to you

From now on, companies will distinguish themselves by the enhanced experience they are able to offer their employees who take the time and effort to travel to the office.