5 ways technology is uplifting condo communities

Technology is revolutionizing the way condo buildings operate and positively impacting the lives of residents and managers.
air pollution

REMI Network

Sensors to monitor air pollution on UBC campus

UBC's Rapid Air Improvement Network will be translating collected data into effective interventions, including control strategies for building ventilation.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

How FMs can leverage data in 2021

IoT platforms that use overhead sensors, booking data, and smartphone space-reservations to pull analytics, are increasingly playing a key role in supporting the growing data-driven workplace.

REMI Network

Rethinking the restroom experience

According to the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, virus transmission in a public restroom is of great concern
water damage

REMI Network

Researchers develop new sensor for detecting water leaks

Water leaks are the leading cause of property losses in apartments, offices and other buildings, resulting in repairs and higher insurance premiums.
pipe flushing

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Passing the lead test in institutional buildings

School plumbing systems require regular pipe flushing to keep kids safe. How sensors can help fulfill this duty amid failing grades at some facilities.
zero waste

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

How IoT is making waste management smarter

The decreasing costs of sensors means the Internet of Things is rapidly moving into new areas of commercial properties, such as waste management.