HVAC maintenance

Preventative HVAC maintenance tips for fall

Fall HVAC maintenance allows you to look ahead to upcoming spring repairs, budget spending for upcoming expenditures, and keep your building in its best shape for the coming year.
Deep retrofit logistics trip up on key products

Deep retrofit logistics trip up on key products

Few of the existing building technologies projected to help dramatically curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have yet conquered their market categories
Buildings sector pulls back on GHG accelerator

Fuel-switching challenges expected to ease

Climate, cost and capacity pose fuel-switching challenges for building owners looking to curb greenhouse gas emissions in line with Canada’s target for a 40 per cent reduction below 2005 levels by 2030.
Flammable refrigerants spark GHG reductions

Flammable refrigerants spark GHG reductions

Researchers and manufacturers have now done much of the work to prepare for the HFC phase-down, but codes and standards will need to catch up before a new generation of lower-GWP refrigerants can be used.

The future of water in buildings is smart

Water creates levels of risk throughout all stages of a building’s life cycle and is a major cause of loss during and after construction.
indoor air quality

Know your way around indoor air quality improvement

Controlling indoor air quality is vital to reducing infection risk and improving health and safety in any facility.

Home owners and builders lack awareness of IAQ health risks

After exposure to scientific findings, the number of homeowners who viewed their homes as somewhat or very unhealthy more than tripled.
IAQ combos arresting airborne spread of COVID

IAQ combos arresting airborne spread of COVID

Commercial building operators could use a combination of air exchange, filtration and purification to comply with the industry-leading guidance for arresting airborne spread of pathogens and contaminants.

Finding the right facility maintenance partner

Like any other significant hire, there is a benefit to working with a facility maintenance team that can deliver tangible value to your operations.
outdoor air

IAQ standards dissect freshness of outdoor air

Guidance related to natural ventilation, particulate filtration and compartmentalization of multi-residential HVAC systems are prominent in the list of identified "significant changes" compared to the incumbent 2016 version of the standards.

Carleton University to get co-generation plant

Carleton University expects to fire up a new co-generation plant at its Ottawa-based campus next spring as part of its sophomore energy master plan.

GTA-based condo building demos cogeneration

One GTA-based condo building won’t face the dilemma of when to switch over its HVAC system from heating to cooling this spring thanks to cogeneration.

Will ‘ultra-high-rises’ cost more to maintain?

The new crop of 'ultra-high-rise' condos rising in Toronto will be more complicated and consequently more costly to maintain, one engineer is warning.

Scale build-up weighs on HVAC efficiency

Scale build-up can weigh on HVAC efficiency, making preventative maintenance important to controlling energy costs and preventing premature failure.

Energizing mixed retail space

Increased urbanization and the demand for convenience has made it more common for retailers, restaurants and office spaces to operate under one roof.

Commissioning & recommissioning buildings

Commissioning and recommissioning is key when property owners and managers are evaluating building energy efficiency performance.

HVAC switch over snared by hot spell

Tensions boiled over last week at Toronto apartment buildings without air conditioning as temperatures soared into heat wave territory in late September.