FortisBC rental

Making rental properties better

More than 80 per cent of B.C.’s rental apartment buildings are older than 35 years and may not be as energy efficient as they could be.
Air Vapour Barrier

The Enigma of Air Vapour Barriers

How well do you know your air vapour barrier? Monitoring your air vapour barrier performance today can prevent significant headaches down the road.
power quality

Solving Issues with Electrical System Power Quality

Shortly after a Canadian hospital invested in an energy-efficiency upgrade, the facility began experiencing significant issues with its critical equipment.

Restoring a Canadian mall damaged by fire

Backed by decades of commercial disaster recovery expertise, the FirstOnSite team wasted no time getting to work once the site was clear.
affordable rental housing

Financing the Future: $3.75 Billion in Loans to Build Rental Housing

Having a stable supply of rental housing is critical to our nation’s housing future. That’s where the Rental Construction Financing Initiative comes in.
affordable housing

$40-billion in NHS funding set to bring affordable housing to thousands of Canadians

As a nation, we are facing a lack of affordable housing that has contributed to a level of chronic homelessness that we cannot accept and has left around 1.7 million Canadian families without a home that meets their basic needs and that they can afford. The time is now to create Canada’s next generation of affordable housing across the country.

The Value of As-Built Plans

It's not uncommon for building measurements to stray from initial blueprints. These changes may not always seem to be significant, but accurate numbers count.

Steps for next-level emergency preparedness

You've approved the plans, printed the pages, and made the official binder. Now that your business continuity and emergency preparations are complete, you can shelve them and forget them until the day disaster strikes. Unless, of course, you actually want to survive an event.

Q&A: The value of accurate floor measurements

For property valuation and leasing, every square foot matters. In order to maximize lease areas or to receive full value when a building is sold,

Measure by Measure to Cut Costs and Keep Property Owners Happy

Keeping tenants happy, buildings occupied, and property values high are top priorities for property management firms. In reality, that’s easier said than done – especially
building code

Keeping to the Building Code

Recent and potential changes to Canada's National Building Code are giving property stakeholders more to consider when it comes to retrofits and new constructions.

Networking Opportunities for Property Managers

Networking in the property management industry is about building relationships and tapping into resources that have long-term value.
Property Management

Must-Have Skills as Property Management Evolves

A day in the life of a property manager is far different than it was a decade ago, but there are must-have skills that remain timeless.
lease negotiation

The Behaviour Behind Effective Lease Negotiation

To effectively and successfully negotiate, real estate practitioners must understand how human behavior influences the deal-making process.

Paperwork 2.0: The Power of Digitizing Paper in Property Management

With advancements in digitization, stakeholders can use tools like Fujitsu scanners that help save time and resources when it comes to tackling some of their more onerous tasks – particularly, paperwork.

Property Managers’ Guide to Ethics in Real Estate

Even the most seasoned property managers find ethics and good decision-making to be a life-long learning experience in an ever-changing industry.
reserve fund studies

The Right Approach to Reserve Fund Studies

With the right approach to reserve fund studies, stakeholders can better predict future expenses and plan accordingly.