green roofs RJC

How Green is Your Green Roof?

Green roofs are evolving thanks to lower carbon materials, and a better understanding of how to achieve carbon neutral. Colin Tougas, Project Engineer with RJC Engineers, provides tips for getting the most from your green roof.

Building energy leaders

The race towards a greener and more energy efficient built environment is on, and every joule matters. Such is the philosophy behind Natural Resources Canada

Chefs de file en matière d’efficacité énergétique des bâtiment

Dans la course pour créer un environnement bâti plus écologique et écoénergétique, chaque joule compte. Telle est la philosophie à l’origine du programme ENERGY STAR
Energy Star Certification


On the path to sustainable living, every resource counts. And as building and facility owners and managers move towards greater energy efficiency, many are drawing
Certification Energy Star


Chaque ressource est importante lorsqu’on vise un mode de vie durable. Ainsi, de nombreux gestionnaires et propriétaires de bâtiments et d’installations qui souhaitent améliorer leur
thermal imaging

Stop Electrical Damage Before It Occurs

Thermography is a method of inspecting electrical and mechanical equipment using specialized infrared cameras. By producing detailed images and temperature profiles of specific pieces of
back-office costs

Controlling back-office costs in commercial real estate management

Commercial real estate management teams are under pressure to control expenses and operate efficiently. These goals can be challenging to balance; and understandably, teams may
FSI Canada

Dexterra & FSI Canada: A Partnership Taking FM to New Heights

Under growing pressure to drive efficiencies, push sustainability and maximize asset performance, embracing technology has become more and more pivotal to the work FMs do every day.

Upgrading Fire Safety with Compliance Connect

Keeping pace with fire safety compliance is difficult but critical nonetheless. And when it comes to protecting the safety of property and occupants, there’s no
resilient cities

A place to call home: Help shape more resilient cities

2020 has taken our cities by surprise. Canadians are demanding productive, private, and personalized spaces to live, work, and play. The health and economic implications
condensation RJC

Combatting Cold-Weather Condensation

The cold winter weather can bring all manner of property maintenance issues, but few can cause as many headaches as unchecked condensation.
Cascades PRO

Superior dispensers, superior protection with Cascades PRO

78% of Americans are concerned about touching surfaces in public restrooms during the coronavirus pandemic. And 67% mention paper towels as their preferred method of
embodied carbon RJC

The Buzz on Embodied Carbon

Lorena Polovina, Building Science Engineer at RJC Engineers shares the inside scoop on embodied carbon and what building owners need to know.
paper hand towels

Scientists Recommend Drying with Paper Hand Towels

Drying your hands with paper hand towels is the most effective method for reducing the proliferation of bacteria among people.

Building CRE Asset Value in a Post-Pandemic World

The 2020 pandemic has forever altered the commercial real estate industry. The good news is that digital solutions are available that can help savvy CRE strategists manage today's chaos while protecting and strengthening their portfolios for tomorrow.
HVAC maintenance

HVAC Maintenance: Keeping Tenants Safe & Comfortable

It’s critical to execute on your building’s mechanical system’s upgrade before the next heating season to make sure you’re providing tenants with fresh, filtered air

Now is the time to invest in deep energy retrofits

Terry Bergen, Managing Principal at RJC Engineers, discusses deep energy retrofits and their importance to the Canadian economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.