Earn carbon rebates: A step in the right direction

Matting isn’t typically the first place that facility management teams look when improving their environmental footprint. Nevertheless, technological advances in mat construction and cleaning techniques are prompting facility teams to partner with sustainable matting specialists that can help make a difference at the ground level.
ViFloor lobbey

Condo Matting 101: Understanding what’s below your feet

When it comes to condo matting, a number of elements that must come together to create surface coverings that are safe, durable, and apt to grab attention.
energy efficiency

5 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

According to Veronica Ochoa, Building Performance Project Designer with RJC Engineers, improving energy efficiency is likely the top priority for today’s building owners facing costly, mandatory retrofits by 2025.

BentallGreenOak & Fitwel championing healthy buildings

As a Fitwel® Champion and Industry Advisor for the Viral Response Module, BentallGreenOak is helping to ensure evolving health and wellness demands are met in Canadian real estate.
fall protection

Jobsite Safety & Fall Protection Prep

Whether working on an active construction site or in an operations and maintenance setting, fall protection planning is a critical step.

Facility and property managers face important decisions everyday

Facility and property managers are faced with important decisions every day. Not only do they have to maintain equipment, prioritize improvements to the building, and manage their budget, but they are also responsible for ensuring the property supports employees as they work and tenants as they live.
Electric vehicle charging

Planning is key for electric vehicle charging stations

As more Ontarians transition to electric vehicles (EVs), high-rise residential and business properties will need EV charging stations and should seek expert advice to ensure their investments are managed safely and correctly.
Sustainability Trends

Taking charge of sustainability trends

Still think sustainability is a buzzword? Think again. As contractors like Paul Drozdowski can attest, the pursuit of cleaner and more energy-efficient operations has become a priority for stakeholders across the board.

Promoting health and wellness

Fitwel and the Center for Active Design, in collaboration with industry leaders such as QuadReal Property Group, are at the forefront of meeting evolving demands for health and wellness in commercial real estate in Canada.
TELUS Smart Building

Manage your properties worry-free

As a property manager, your days are filled with time-consuming tasks, and on top of this, you are responsible for your tenants’ safety and wellbeing
Tork Office Hygiene

Preparing offices for the post-pandemic future

It’s only a matter of time before many work-from-home employees fully return to the office. Yet before employers can welcome them back safely, workplace well-being and hygiene must be addressed.

Raising the alarm: The need for certified fire safety support

Avoidable disasters and regulatory changes have underscored the need for stronger fire prevention measures in recent years. And for facility owners and managers, this means applying extra due diligence when adopting the fire safety systems, training, and certified professionals to keep occupants safe.

A new day for FIRST ONSITE

With decades of experience in the field, FirstOnSite Restoration is taking the next step.
Advantage Pest Control

Proactive Pest Management

April showers bring May flowers … and pests! For insights into pest control challenges and tips on how to swat them, we turned to Paolo Bossio, president and CEO of Advantage Pest Control.
building durability

How Durable is Your Building?

Bryan Colvin of RJC Engineers walks us through the pros and cons of four common material to assess building durability.
Fort York Paving

A streamlined approach to garbage room maintenance

Property teams have many responsibilities to juggle on any given day. One of the most important today, however, is keeping their buildings clean and hygienic to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 infection

Stimuler les actifs grâce à la certification ENERGY STAR® pour les bâtiments de RNCan 

Bien que la route vers l’exploitation plus écologique et plus propre des bâtiments puisse être différente pour chaque actif, les programmes comme la certification ENERGY STAR® pour les bâtiments commerciaux et institutionnels de Ressources naturelles Canada (RNCan) mettent les intervenants sur la bonne voie.