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How is COVID-19 impacting reserve funds?

Many reserve fund projects have not been able to proceed this year. Even now as construction has “opened up,” contractors have backlogs that will allow them to complete only some of the previously planned projects.
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Fate of outstanding condo law reforms unknown

The fate of some of the recent changes Ontario’s condo laws remains unknown after the change in provincial government three months ago.
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Will ‘ultra-high-rises’ cost more to maintain?

The new crop of 'ultra-high-rise' condos rising in Toronto will be more complicated and consequently more costly to maintain, one engineer is warning.


CCI Toronto chapter names Sally Thompson president

he Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI)’s Toronto and Area chapter has appointed Sally Thompson as its new president, effective October 20th, 2016.
How to protect property form water damage

Canadian Apartment Magazine

How to protect property from water damage

Property owners and managers can take steps to protect property from water damage by simply walking around their building during and after rainstorms.


Reserve fund studies

This video report discusses reserve fund studies. Commentator: Halsall's Sally Thompson.
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Continuous rise of reserve fund contributions

There are many reasons why contribution levels must increase, including unexpected issues, rising costs ...


Claiming common element finish deficiencies

How do condominium corporations get warranty coverage for common element finish deficiencies caused by the builder’s trades? Halsall Associates' executive vice-president, Sally Thompson, provides insight.


Seasonal heat-cool changeover

Why do many highrise condominiums overheat in spring? Halsall Associates' executive vice-president, Sally Thompson, provides insight.
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Taxing times

This video report addresses how to handle the impact of the HST. Commentators: Brookfield Residential's Dean McCabe, Halsall Associates' Sally Thompson and CG Maintenance's Richard Senechal.