Darryl Boyce

lengthy building shutdowns could increase the risk of Legionnaire's disease

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Shutdowns can factor in Legionnaires’ disease

Lengthy building shutdowns to help stop the spread of COVID-19 could create friendlier conditions for Legionella bacteria growth.
ASHRAE open COVID-19 technical guidance portal

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

ASHRAE opens COVID-19 technical guidance portal

Health care intake areas and waiting rooms, shelters and other facilities where crowds may assemble are identified as vulnerable occupancies where a heighten level of controls is recommended.
ASHRAE outstanding achievers

Canadian Property Management

ASHRAE outstanding achievers named

Individual honours conferred to four Canadian engineers include a rare appointment to the ASHRAE Hall of Fame for the late Richard Perry, P.Eng, of Vancouver.
ASHRAE president

Canadian Property Management

Darryl Boyce launches term as ASHRAE president

In keeping with ASHRAE tradition, Boyce has a chosen a theme for his leadership tenure: Building for people and performance. Achieving operational excellence.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Carleton University to get co-generation plant

Carleton University expects to fire up a new co-generation plant at its Ottawa-based campus next spring as part of its sophomore energy master plan.