HFC prohibition dates

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Quebec’s HFC prohibition dates called untimely

Proposed revisions to Quebec's halocarbon regulation could sideline some commonly used refrigerants before alternatives with lower global warming potential can feasibly be in place.

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Guidance for servicing appliances with non-HFC refrigerants

The home appliance industry began producing appliances that utilize newer refrigerants, which have a lower global warming potential, but are also flammable.
Montreal ice making innovation

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Montreal ice making innovation captures award

The city has twin goals to phase out dependence on HCFC-22, which has global warming potential 1,760 times greater than carbon dioxide, and maximize safety in handling ammonia.
refrigerant standards

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ASHRAE posts 2016 versions of refrigerant standards

The 2016 editions of ASHRAE’s major refrigerants-related standards have been published as a package with 30 new refrigerants and refrigerant blends added.
HFC phase-down

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Canada advances HFC phase-down

Impending environmental regulations will push the Canadian and American real estate industries toward cooling and insulation options with lower global warming potential.

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AHRI changes refrigerant paint colours

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute has announced major changes to refrigerant paint colour designations.

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Groups aim to phase out certain HFC refrigerants

The AHRI and the NRDC have issued a joint letter to the EPA to show support for the change in status of certain refrigerants used in liquid chillers.

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New program targets earth-friendly refrigerants

AHRI and UNEP are developing a global qualifications program for refrigerant supply chain networks in response to the depleting ozone layer.

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HVACR invests $5-billion to improve refrigerants

The United States is advancing its efforts to reduce global warming with the recent announcement of a $5-billion investment in research and development funds from