fungal growth

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Fungal growth degrading buildings: study

Microorganisms growing inside aging buildings and infrastructure are more than just a health issue, according to new research.
single-use coffee cups

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UBC ditching single-use coffee cups, plastic food ware

UBC Vancouver will soon have less garbage to clean up across its campus.
chris ballard passive

Design Quarterly

Competition for most energy-efficient design ideas

Designers, builders and developers are being challenged to make energy-efficient buildings more affordable for British Columbians.
UBC sports medicine

Construction Business

UBC opens $11.6 million sports medicine facility

The Chan Gunn Pavilion, a new $11.6 million sports medicine and exercise science facility, has officially opened at the University of B.C.
UBC concrete

Construction Business

UBC develops seismic-resistant concrete

Researchers at UBC have developed a new seismic-resistant, fibre-reinforced concrete that can dramatically enhance the earthquake resistance of structures.
UBC's Ponderosa Commons

Canadian Facility Management & Design

UBC breaks down barriers with mixed-use hub

UBC is breaking down barriers with Ponderosa Commons, the first of five mixed-use residences designed to activate the commuter campus year-round.
recycled tires

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Recycled tires create more resilient concrete: study

Researchers at the University of British Columbia used recycled tires to develop a stronger concrete that could be used for buildings.
mass timber construction


UBC Wesbrook Village condo reaches key milestone

The final mass timber panel has been installed at Adera’s Virtuoso project in UBC’s Wesbrook Village, marking a key milestone in its construction.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Desk light helps prevent work interruptions

A UBC computer scientist has invented the FlowLight, which automatically switches from green to red when someone is working to prevent interruptions.
GBCI Canada

Canadian Facility Management & Design

UBC using Wi-Fi data to save building energy

A University of British Columbia engineer has found a way to use Wi-Fi data to determine the number of people in a building and adjust its ventilation.

Construction Business

UBC announces construction of IRSC

The University of British Columbia has announced the construction of the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre (IRSC). The $5.5-million building in the heart
UBC library

Canadian Facility Management & Design

UBC library facility takes a page from Harvard

UBC has taken a page from Harvard with its newly opened Library PARC facility, using a model that extends the shelf life of books from 30 years to 300.
green buildings

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Corporate Knights’ top green buildings in Canada

Corporate Knights has recently released its 2016 Green Buildings Review, which sorted through 200 of the leading green buildings across Canada to select the top
green campus

Building Strategies & Sustainability

UBC facility sets green campus standard

A UBC LEED Platinum certified facility known as AMS Nest is a beacon to other campuses across Canada looking to reduce their environmental footprint.
UBC wood building

Design Quarterly

One of the tallest wood buildings set for UBC

One of the tallest wood buildings in the world will soon be constructed at UBC, providing housing for hundreds of students. When completed, the $51.5-million residence building will stand 53 metres tall (about 174 feet).