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water damage

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Researchers develop new sensor for detecting water leaks

Water leaks are the leading cause of property losses in apartments, offices and other buildings, resulting in repairs and higher insurance premiums.
casual workers

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Study finds how employers can retain casual workers

Employers who help casual workers find meaning on the job may have an easier time retaining them, according to a new University of Waterloo study.
new factor in disease modelling

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Research weighs new factor in disease modelling

University of Waterloo mathematicians used computer simulations to model how pathogen strains of varying virulence respond to social behaviour and compete for dominance.

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Researches discover possible pesticide-free way to limit mosquito populations

Researchers may have discovered a new, pesticide-free way to limit mosquito populations in some areas and reduce the spread of the West Nile virus.
Standing desks

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Standing desks may cause lower back pain: study

Nearly half of people who use a standing desk are at risk of developing lower back pain, according to a study from the University of Waterloo.

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Scientists develop biocide to combat superbugs

Scientists in Canada have developed a new therapy to combat deadly bacteria that is infecting hospital patients worldwide.
Mixed-use developments

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Mixed-use developments may stifle diversity

Mixed-use developments in Toronto are creating neighbourhoods that are unaffordable for many people, according to a new study.
housing affordability mixed-use developments


Mixed-use developments may reduce housing affordability: study

Mixed-use developments can make a neighbourhood too pricey for many to live in, according to a University of Waterloo study of Toronto neighbourhoods.