Royal Botanical Gardens

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Royal Botanical Gardens getting a $2.2-million upgrade

Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, has secured joint funding for improvements and repairs that will boost accessibility at the national historic site.


Condos in precarious spot if small repairs sit idle

Should the corporation move forward with certain maintenance repairs if the issue has the potential to become exponentially worse?
Ellisdon Royal Columbian

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Ontario hospitals get funding for critical upgrades

A provincial funding boost of $175 million for COVID-19 related and other urgent projects will address critical maintenance in 129 hospitals.

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Tarion issues new advisory to condo corporations

Tarion has issued a new advisory on mandated deadlines related to the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.
water damage

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Researchers develop new sensor for detecting water leaks

Water leaks are the leading cause of property losses in apartments, offices and other buildings, resulting in repairs and higher insurance premiums.
elevator repairs elevators


Maintaining and repairing condo elevators

It’s important to ensure users who rely on elevators to get around have access to this vertical transportation when needed.
health and safety

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Carleton U steps up health and safety response

Carleton University has launched a new online reporting tool that intricately links health and safety initiatives with facility management.
New legislation addresses Ontario's timelines for planning decisions during COVID-19 emergency

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Ontario invests in repairs at children and youth centres

Ontario is supporting critical repairs and renovations at community agencies across the province to keep facilities well-maintained, safe and accessible.
Burnaby North

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Northern Ont. schools get $300-mill for repairs

Ontario is investing $300 million over the next two years to repair schools across Northern Ontario.
child care operators

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Ontario invests in repairing child care centres

Ontario is providing $16 million to complete 550 facility upgrades and repair projects at more than 140 children's care centres across the province.
Fair Housing Plan affordable housing

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Ontario invests $36-mil into community agencies

In an effort to help community agencies provide safer and more accessible facilities for citizens, the Ontario government is investing nearly $36 million towards upgrades

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Nova Scotia housing co-ops to get vital repairs

Over the next three years, the Government of Nova Scotia will invest $8-million in the Social Housing Assistance Repair Program (SHARP) to help housing co-operatives make necessary structural, electrical, plumbing, heating or accessibility repairs to their units.