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Innovation in commercial lighting

What’s new in the world of lighting? As sustainability takes centre stage in the world of maintenance and management, commercial lighting has evolved to embrace

Canadian Property Management

Building the Toronto of tomorrow

Toronto has long been a city open to innovation and change, whether it be culturally or technologically. It’s no surprise then that the city was chosen to take part in the Urban Pilot Program, or UPPlift, which aims to bridge the gap between emergent smart technologies and property managers to enhance a city’s liveability.
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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

How IoT is making waste management smarter

The decreasing costs of sensors means the Internet of Things is rapidly moving into new areas of commercial properties, such as waste management.
ASHB now carries banner for smart connectivity

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Facility managers eye IoT investments

Nearly two-thirds of facility managers are interested in implementing new digital technologies such as intelligent analytics, according to a recent study.

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Tork launches online guide to identify performance improvement gaps

Tork's new online platform offers guidance for how workforce safety and hygiene can complement new technology and improve efficiency.

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Smarter Buildings on the Rise

Smarter building technology systems are unlocking more meaningful data and providing more solutions than before. Here is WSP's take on this major trend.
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Built Environment Technology Association launches

The Built Environment Technology Association (BETA) has been established to help the real estate industry better utilize developing technologies.
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Network innovation delivers smarter buildings

Global technology trends have pushed a new network innovation to market, one that is expected to improve building efficiency and employee retention.
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Canadian Property Management

Property managers downplay cybersecurity threats

Buildings are becoming more connected and functional as information and operational technology converge, heightening the risk of cybersecurity attacks.
Data centres gain traffic during COVID-19 related business shutdowns

Canadian Facility Management & Design

IFMA launches collaborative Internet of Things portal

IFMA has launched a collaborative portal for FM professionals to pool knowledge and engage with other individuals relating to the Internet of Things.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

New study looks at IoT in multi-unit dwellings

The Continental Automated Buildings Association, through its Connected Home Council, has launched a collaborative research study entitled "Connected Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and Internet of Things (IoT)