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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Choosing the right floors for your building

If you are replacing your floors as part of your indoor maintenance plan, there is some key information you need to know before you start.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Minimizing the risk of winter mould

Winter brings increased precipitation, melting snow and ice, and warmer temperatures indoors – ideal conditions for indoor mould growth. Prevention is the key to avoiding
Mold Uncovered

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

IICRC launches Mold Uncovered campaign

The campaign emphasizes the importance of proper mould remediation through accredited industry standards and certifications.
traffic-based cleaning

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Promoting hygiene through traffic-based cleaning

Butlr Technologies' people-sensing platform uses thermal wireless sensors and AI to detect human presence indoors.
ice melt

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

The need-to-know about using ice melt

While it's a common winter solution, there are several things that ice melt users need to be aware of.