Human Rights


The legalities of live-in caregivers in condos

The issue of whether live-in caregivers breach single-family dwelling provisions arose for the first time in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.
court CBA


Balancing condo law requirements

Condominium corporations are in a tricky situation when balancing condo law requirements during settlements and lawsuits.
Deborah Howden


Duty to accommodate versus condo rules

What is a condominium corporation's duty to accommodate a resident? Deborah Howden of Shibley Righton LLP’s Condominium Law Group explains.
Patricia Conway & Catherine Murdock


Human rights complaints

This video report looks at how to keep human rights complaints at bay. Commentators: Patricia Conway, a partner in the law firm of Miller Thomson LLP, and Catherine Murdock, district manager for Del Property Management Inc.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Don’t get too personal during hiring process

Human rights legislation in Ontario place practical constraints on what information an employer may collect during the hiring process.
Pippa Beck, Bob Aaron


Smoke-free condos

This video report delves into the controversial issue of smoke-free condos. Commentators: Pippa Beck, a policy analyst at the Non-Smokers' Rights Association, and Bob Aaron, a real estate lawyer at Aaron & Aaron Barristers and Solicitors.