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Housing Now

Phase two of Housing Now approved by City Council

Toronto City Council has approved the second phase of Housing Now, an initiative that leverages City-owned land for the development of affordable housing within mixed-income, mixed-use, transit-oriented communities.
Avenue Living fined for safety violation

Avenue Living fined for safety violation

The Calgary-based rental housing provider pleaded guilty under its legal name, Boulevard Real Estate Equities Ltd., for an incident that caused a worker injury.
military report on long-term care homes

Military exposes dire state of Ontario long-term care

The Canadian Armed Forces has issued a scathing report on the state of Ontario’s long-term care homes, shedding light on the grim conditions service members observed in five specific GTA residences.
Canadian economy

Local approach best to reopening Canadian economy

Allowing cities and counties to open and close independently based on standardized guidelines is the safest way of reopening, a new study finds.
Longueuil mixed-use development

Devimco shares Longueuil mixed-use development plans

Devimco Immobilier has joined forces with the City of Longueuil on the development of a major mixed-use project above the Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke métro station.
Montreal's investment deal volume expected to slide in Q2 and the second half of 2020

Q4 overflow spurs Montreal investment deal volume

Sales value topped $2 billion for the fourth consecutive quarter, albeit at a lower total than was achieved in the second to fourth quarters of 2019.
rodent activity on the rise

Rodent activity on the rise

Urban centres across Canada and the U.S. are experiencing a rise in "aggressive" rodent activity due to COVID-19 restrictions shuttering restaurants and cafes.
energy management paybacks

Time-of-use pricing respite adds nominal costs

Temporary suspension of Ontario’s time-of-use pricing scheme equates to a 3 per cent sliver of the projected provincial expenditure to underwrite electricity costs in 2020-21.

Colonnade BridgePort abuzz with urban beehives

Programming for both commercial and residential tenants will include free workshops focused on bee education, as well as the end of season honey harvest.
temporary rental supplement

Average monthly rents decline in April

Average monthly rents were down in April over March in most Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, according to the latest data from and Bullpen Research & Consulting.
real estate arms of major Canadian pension funds scrutinized for COVID-19 responsibility to workers

Pension fund watchdog tuned to real estate arms

Board trustees for some of Canada’s most prominent commercial real estate portfolios are underscoring the obligations owed to on-site building services personnel during the COVID-19 crisis.
COVID-19 prompts Nova Scotia to accelerate schedule for expanding internet coverage

Nova Scotia scurries to expand internet coverage

COVID-19 has prompted accelerated delivery of high-speed internet to some overlooked or underserviced areas of Nova Scotia.
senior care fund

Chartwell announces new fund for senior living employees

Chartwell announced it has launched the CaRES Fund in partnership with other sector leaders to help support senior living workers on the front-lines.
uninsured property disqualified for Alberta disaster recovery funding

Uninsured property disqualified for Alberta aid

Condo boards and residential landlords in Fort McMurray and surrounding flood-stricken areas will have until August 5 to apply for provincial funding to help cover uninsurable damage.
congregate care settings

Outbreaks in congregate care homes rise dramatically

COVID-19 outbreaks in health and congregate care settings have increased dramatically across Ontario, according to recent data from the Ontario Health Coalition.
illegal evictions COVID-19

New York State cracks down on illegal evictions

Rising concerns in New York State over illegal evictions during the lockdown period has prompted the Attorney General to beef up provisions aimed at protecting vulnerable tenants.
'forever renter'

Survey finds 1 in 10 Canadians believe they’ll be renting forever

According to new research from, more than 3.4 million Canadians believe they'll never own a home, particularly in the frame of the current COVID-19 pandemic.