Workplace Safety


Pest practices

Recreational and entertainment facilities, such as casinos, gyms, pools, parks, movie theaters, sports arenas, and community centres, are meant to be havens for fun and

Use your winter generator safely

Winter is coming, and with extreme weather, electricity outages can result in costly work stoppages at your facility. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) is
fire safety

Focus on fire safety for your building

Fire safety is a critical part of your maintenance plan. Along with threatening the safety of your staff and visitors, the risk of fire creates

Minimizing the risk of winter mould

Winter brings increased precipitation, melting snow and ice, and warmer temperatures indoors – ideal conditions for indoor mould growth. Prevention is the key to avoiding
cleaning products

Store your cleaning supplies safely

Are you storing your cleaning supplies in the best way? There are many things to consider when evaluating your supply storage, from temperature to ease
slip and fall accidents

Avoid slip and fall accidents in your building

Winter brings snow, ice, and an increased risk for slip and fall accidents in your facility. Minimizing these risks and keeping your facility clean is
mental health

Commercial cleaners and their mental health

With the heightened attention on cleaning and sanitizing, labour shortages, and shifting building occupancy, the last few years have certainly taken their toll on the

Understanding green cleaning labels for safety

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in the commercial cleaning world, with products making claims from biodegradable to organic to eco-friendly. However, it can
healthy buildings

Healthy buildings improve productivity

The heightened focus on hygiene and sanitization in the last few years has shone a light on cleanliness as it relates to the safety of
indoor air quality

Improving the indoor air quality in your building

The cooler weather is on its way, and when that happens, windows and bay doors start to stay closed, so facilities need to do what
power tools

Making power tool safety a priority

Facility managers often use power tools in the day-to-day maintenance of their buildings, but are you staying as safe as you can be? According to

Beating the heat

As the weather continues to heat up through the summer, there are many maintenance workers who need to spend their days in the hot sun
equipment rentals

Adding equipment rentals to your maintenance plan

As a maintenance manager, you may not have access to all the equipment you need throughout the year, and equipment rentals can save you time

Avoiding summer mould in your building

The heat of the summer weather can have adverse effects on your building and your maintenance plan. Along with added moisture from rainfall, the risk

Protect your employees and your facility from air pollution

As the summer heats up, so do wildfires and the smoke they carry. This year Canadian wildfires have sent dangerous levels of smoke up and

A safe approach to outdoor maintenance hazards

Safety isn’t necessarily something most people associate with groundskeeping, but outdoor maintenance comes with a list of hazards that need to be considered as part

Increasing safety on the roof

As a maintenance manager, you need to become familiar with all the elements of your building, including your roof. Whether you need to access the