Workplace Safety

combination vaccines

Are combination vaccines key to combating flu’s resurgence?

Combined booster jabs for COVID-19 and influenza could become the norm, according to authors of a new study.
grocery stores

Testing high-touch surfaces in grocery stores

A University of Guelph study found the risk of exposure from high-touch surfaces in grocery stores is low if recommended protocols are followed.

New CCOHS app offers COVID-19 resources for workers

The Safe Work app hosts over 120 COVID-19 resources, including tip sheets, infographics, videos, and other guidance.

Protect building occupants from a winter flu resurgence

Flu was almost non-existent last winter due to lockdowns and health measures, but experts warn it may return with a vengeance this winter.
construction and maintenance work

Construction and maintenance work among the most dangerous jobs

Various jobs in these industries were found to suffer fatality rates of several times the average of 3.4 per 100,000 workers.
cleaning professionals

Prioritizing the safety of cleaning professionals

Now more than ever, cleaning workers need to know that their employers are taking their safety seriously.
fire protection

Digitizing fire protection for facility inspections

With fire equipment, the biggest culprit for non-compliance issues usually involves obstructions blocking fire extinguishers and hoses from view.
extreme heat

U.S. government aims to protect workers from extreme heat

OSHA is taking steps to better protect workers in extreme-heat environments after this summer's heatwaves.
air purifier

Getting UV-C air purifier placement right

UV-C air purifiers are often installed correctly, and this can reduce their effectiveness by as much as 50%.

Why dusting is hazard protection, not just housekeeping

Recognizing the dangers of combustible dust accumulations will help to ensure the prevention of explosions.
shared workspaces

Fighting germs in the era of shared workspaces

The challenges of keeping offices clean and hygienic have intensified due to the booming pandemic popularity of co-working spaces.
entertainment venues

5 steps to safer & healthier entertainment venues

As live sports and entertainment return, managers of venues are faced with an assortment of safety and cleanliness challenges.
COVID-19 vaccines

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines on university campuses: An obvious solution or a problem?

Universities need to consider what a gentler return to campuses might look for students this time around compared to 2020.

One year on: Keeping facilities clean & safe

Key considerations for cleaning commercial workspaces in a post-COVID-19 world.

Help mitigate spread of illness in workplaces

Now that most places are returning to work and removing social distancing protocols, it’s important to stay on top of facility cleanliness.
reopening facilities

4 tips for reopening facilities

Commercial cleaning company OpenWorks offers advice for reopening facilities.
maintenance workers

Protecting maintenance workers in extreme heat

Extreme summer heat provides numerous challenges, but not least is the difficulty of keeping outdoor maintenance workers safe.