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Snow storage and removal tips for maintenance managers

Storing and moving snow safely is crucial through the winter.
Friday, January 26, 2024

As the snow starts to pile up and regular snow removal is required, moving and storing that snow safely can be a challenge for maintenance managers. From adding weight in a parking garage to limiting space in the lot, snow storage and removal require intentional thought, detailed planning, and efficient execution.

Once that snow starts to accumulate, how can maintenance managers efficiently move and deal with the volume of snow through the rest of the season?

Stay stocked

The first way to best manage snow and ice on your property is to have the equipment, tools, and products on hand. Be prepared for falling snow and dropping temperatures with shovels, machinery, and ice melt so you can decrease and re-locate the snow. This also means deciding on areas where it’s safe to re-locate that snow, so you have a plan for when it happens and can practice safe snow storage. Ensure that you choose an area that’s out of the way of traffic, away from walkways and fire hydrants, and near drainage for when it starts to melt. Stay on top of weather reports and have staff on stand-by when storms are expected so it doesn’t build up and leave you scrambling for a solution.

Plan the piles

Snow piles can really get high through the season if you’re not careful. Limiting the snow pile height is one way to make it safer, allowing for better traffic visibility and limiting the possibility of structural damage. Position the piles in out-of-the-way areas wherever possible, spreading the height and weight throughout several areas. Use salt or ice melt around the piles to encourage melting and drainage when that snow starts to melt.

By keeping the piles smaller, you are also helping your curb appeal, with a neater presentation and noticeable attention to outdoor maintenance and the look of your property.

Snow management is a large part of winter outdoor maintenance and knowing how to move and store it will help keep your property safe and looking its best this winter.

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