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4 Periodic Reviews with Critical Benefits   

When it comes to maintaining your building envelope, RJC Engineers recommends the following four periodic reviews to prevent key assemblies from failing.
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Getting Ahead of Property Repairs

When it comes to condo maintenance, planning ahead can pay off. Detecting and addressing minor issues on a building's exterior or mechanical systems is a proven way of significantly reducing the cost of future repairs and avoiding resident inconveniences.
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Building Envelope Condition Assessments

Whether it’s new or old, large or small, commercial or residential, all buildings benefit from Building Envelope Condition Assessments.

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Five ways to make the most of your CMMS

Here are some ways to make the most of your Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).
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Proactive, Preventative Maintenance

Paul Fritze, a technical engineer and associate at RJC Engineers, provides strategies for saving money and extending the operating life of your building.

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The importance of healthy indoor air quality

To achieve healthy indoor air quality, various measures can be applied, among which thorough and systematical air quality monitoring is the vital one.

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Citron Hygiene and BOMA Canada publish Pandemic Guide

The latest version of the Pandemic Guide has been released with up-to-date knowledge of preparedness.
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Thinking outside the mould in maintenance

Facilities still contain built-in materials that were exposed to rain and snow in the construction or renovation process, leading to the presence of mould.
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Impact of CMMS on facility maintenance: report

A new report helps facility maintenance teams understand the impact CMMS has on their performance and operations.
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Seasonal preventative maintenance tips

Mark Kesseler, Vice President, Construction & Physical Operations at Greenwin, provides the following pre-winter preventative maintenance program tips for property managers.

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When Cheap gets Expensive

Neglecting and avoiding preventative maintenance can lead to equipment failure, expensive repairs or the need for complete replacement.