Creating balance for commercial cleaners

Putting people first to combat burnout and increase employee wellness.
Thursday, December 7, 2023

Commercial cleaners have been working at full capacity with increased responsibility, less labour support, and more scrutiny for the last few years, resulting in burnout for many. It’s crucial for companies to focus on the well-being of their cleaners, both for the sake of their teams and for the bottom line. As the holidays approach, stress can be heightened, and with about half of the workforce experiencing burnout, now’s the perfect time to focus on employee well-being and balance.

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While lower building occupancies and hybrid work may mean less revenue for companies, it may also mean more flexibility in cleaning schedules, allowing cleaners to better schedule their time and manage labour. Studies show that 70 per cent of night-shift workers are not getting enough sleep, and this needs to be a priority when scheduling staff and creating a rotating schedule.

Making sure that cleaning staff get time off to decompress and achieve work-life balance is also crucial to the mental health and productivity of employees. Studies show that 38 per cent of workers have not taken a vacation in the last 12 months, with 30 per cent attributing that to self-imposed pressure to stay on top of work, 30 per cent due to a heavy workload, 26 per cent because of a lack of colleagues available to cover their work, and 25 per cent due to not getting paid for time off. These factors play an important part in restricting work-life balance. Employees need to take vacation time to improve health, reduce burnout, increase productivity, and remain engaged in their work.

Day shifts also provide an opportunity for companies to better recognize their employees, increasing confidence, and showing appreciation for their hard work. Invisibility is something that cleaners often face as they often work behind the scenes, so helping your teams feel important, valued, and supported can let them know that their work matters, create a positive work culture, and increase productivity.

Focusing on the well-being of your employees benefits your staff and your business. By showing commercial cleaners that they are important and valued, and by prioritizing their wellness, you can increase efficiency, reduce turnover, and create a positive company culture for your cleaning team.

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