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Taxing debate awaits Toronto commercial parking

Taxing debate awaits Toronto commercial parking

Debate about a proposed surcharge on commercial parking spaces in Toronto has been deferred until City Council begins to consider 2025 budget measures.
Accessibility is everybody's business

Opinion: Accessibility is everybody’s business

Society benefits, and invariably prospers, when people everywhere can more easily share their experience, knowledge and culture and exercise their spending powers
Social destabilization unsettles city fabric

Social destabilization unsettles city fabric

Data, collaborative networks and a suite of tested best practices can be valuable resources for property managers pressed to respond to the unsettling social destabilization occurring in many Canadian cities.
Human capital elusive for real estate employers

Human capital elusive for real estate employers

Employers are pressed to fill new kinds of positions and to bolster tech savviness throughout their organizations, while facing labour shortages and a highly competitive market for certain skills.
Accessible public bathrooms show bad form

Accessible public bathrooms show bad form

Low-cost investments and practical adjustments to the configuration of fixtures could improve safety, convenience and assurance for people with disabilities.
New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

A new oversight regime for Ontario’s elevators and escalators will come into force on March 1, bringing shorter timelines for rectifying an extensive list of designated high-risk deficiencies.
Ottawa commercial landlords bid welcome

Ottawa commercial landlords bid welcome

Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board of Canada, confirms that public service employees will be expected to spend 40 to 60 per cent of their working hours in a formal office setting.

Take a proactive approach to your roof this fall

As temperatures continue to drop throughout fall, it’s hard not to think about winter on its way. Facility managers know that a fall preventative maintenance
maintenance checklist

Building a fall facility maintenance checklist that ticks all the boxes

As September comes to an end, it’s time to finalize your fall facility maintenance checklist. When winter arrives later in the year, it brings its
CRE loan books undergo U.S. Fed stress test

Operational resilience a performance priority

New technical guidance for assessing and responding to building-level risk underscores that operations teams carry responsibility to safeguard occupants, facilitate business continuity and protect asset value.

CRE measures up as Canadian economic driver

A new report estimates commercial real estate made a $148.4 billion total contribution to Canada’s GDP last year, when factoring its direct, indirect and induced impacts.
facility technology

Upgrade your facility with 2022’s biggest technology trends

Facility managers across all sectors are using industry innovation to improve productivity, streamline processes, and boost profits.
HVAC maintenance

Preventative HVAC maintenance tips for fall

Fall HVAC maintenance allows you to look ahead to upcoming spring repairs, budget spending for upcoming expenditures, and keep your building in its best shape for the coming year.
fall pests

How to prepare your facility for fall pests

As temperatures drop, buildings are vulnerable to pests looking for food and shelter from the outdoor elements.

Technology, workers, and BSCs: Bridging the gap

Hallmark Housekeeping Services Senior VP Chris King discusses how technology can help ease the labour burden – as part of a multifaceted approach
cyber security

Why facilities must be proactive to improve cyber security

Research found cyber attackers increased their targeting of internet-connected OT devices by 2,204% between January and September 2021.

Where do BSCs and PMs go from here?

A building service contractor and property management discussion on the present and the future was a cornerstone of the 2022 ISSA Show Canada program.