Corporate Sustainability

Climate action levers key amid competing crises

Climate action levers key amid competing crises

Strategists are pondering the most effective climate action levers to keep attention focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as other events and pressures commandeer priority-setting agendas.
BOMA Canada launches net-zero learning pursuit

BOMA Canada launches net-zero learning pursuit

The first step in BOMA Canada's efforts to achieve net-zero operations, develop replicable guidance from the experience and promote best practices for carbon offsets begins with BOMEX 2023.
ESG metrics inform range of CRE stakeholders

Range of CRE stakeholders demand ESG metrics

Canada’s leading commercial real estate players are increasingly turning to ESG metrics to track responsiveness to a range of emerging risks and business imperatives.
Sustainable finance products clear path to 2050

Sustainable finance products forge way to 2050

Sustainable finance products, are expected to increasingly come into play as building owners/managers pursue decarbonization and look to bolster the climate resiliency of their properties.
Market transformation beckons greenwashing

Market transformation beckons greenwashing

Greenwashing is tapping into a demonstrated consumer preference for products and services with low-carbon credentials and growing interest in ESG accountability.
CRE mostly on its own to meet 2030 commitments

CRE strategizes to meet 2030 commitments

Among its many challenges, the race to meet 2030 commitments for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction could have some public relations complications.
Human rights due diligence aligns with ESG

Human rights due diligence aligns with ESG

New guidance urges commercial real estate operators to consider how contracting, purchasing and leasing can intersect with abuse, exploitation and discrimination.
environmentally friendly offices

Employees expect environmentally friendly offices

Six in 10 workers surveyed feel their office is "shamefully eco-unfriendly"
Business case assumptions evolve alongside ESG

Business case assumptions evolve alongside ESG

Investors and lenders are expected to increasingly focus on the physical and transitional risks of climate change, in turn upending some conventional views of costs and value.
REALPAC releases updated model green lease

Updated model green lease attuned to the 2020s

REALPAC’s newly updated model green lease for Canadian office buildings introduces measures aligned with the broadening demand for ESG reporting and performance outcomes.
Climate change and ESG pervade CRE projections

Climate change and ESG pervade CRE projections

Climate change is more ominous than the spectre of regulations and taxes for a small majority of commercial real estate leaders responding to REALPAC’s recent survey of their expectations for the next decade.
climate change

Real estate could reap climate action dividends

The global urgency for climate action has an upside companion in global opportunities for strategic investment that could improve people’s lives and yield sustainable returns.
WELL Certification

Pandemic propels healthy building momentum

COVID-19 has intensified pressure to support physical, social and emotional well-being within the built environment, but many investors, owners and managers were already embracing healthy building principles ahead of pandemic-triggered challenges.
Climate risk infuses real estate investment agendas

Climate risk infuses investment agendas

Canadian commercial real estate assets are comparatively less exposed to the dire physical threats that extreme weather poses or has already served up in other global regions.
Multifamily energy performance

Multifamily energy performance typically vexing

Multifamily and industrial properties are routinely lumped together as favoured investment assets, but asset managers face divergent degrees of difficulty when they seek to mine value from energy performance.
GRESB adjusts 2020 path for benchmarking ESG performance

GRESB adjusts 2020 path to the stars

More than 50 per cent of participating Canadian portfolios were grouped in the top two brackets of results, with 11 earning 5-star status and six attaining a 4-star rating.
BOMA Toronto's race2reduce aligns with climate capitalism

Real estate makes space for climate capitalism

The 2020 race2reduce field boasts more than 1,730 buildings encompassing 248 million square feet of space in common areas and tenant premises — an increase from 650 buildings covering 95 million square feet in 2019.