Accommodating disabilities in the workplace

The accommodation process is inherently collaborative, and employers and employees need to be cooperative, share information, and work together to find potential accommodation solutions.

A path to barrier-free buildings: Facility assessments and strategic accessibility plans

A pressing issue facing facility managers is the crucial impact that barrier-free accessibility can have on a strategic renewal plan.

The new employee monitoring policy

While the deadline to prepare the policy was October 11, 2022, it is better late than never to get an electronic monitoring policy in place.
World Workplace

A recap of IFMA’s World Workplace

In the past, cleaning suppliers, landscapers, and pest control companies dominated FM shows. Not anymore.

Hybrid workplaces give rise to legal dilemmas

Organizations are kickstarting work models that reflect flexible preferences, but along with this culture shift comes new legal considerations and best practices for equitable treatment.

Strategies to reduce the risk of COVID in schools

Schools should implement these layered prevention strategies to mitigate the risks of COVID infection or transmission to the school community and beyond.
Psychological health

Psychological health of workers at lowest point

New findings revealed that general psychological health is currently at its lowest point in the last 22 months among Canadian workers.

Ethics of workplace surveillance draws scrutiny

Organizations across Canada have increasingly turned to surveillance technologies during the pandemic as a way to monitor their employees' work behaviour.

Ontario proposes pro-worker labour legislation

The real estate and property management industries may face particular hurdles with respect to implementing the proposed disconnecting from work policy.
air filter

Maintaining schools for second pandemic winter

Every team should create a checklist, and then continually review their internal systems—floor by floor—to reveal any possible failure points.
Environmental mishaps can herald personal liability

Environmental mishaps herald personal liability

Personal liability is a mounting possibility for directors, officers and supervisors of organizations that run afoul of environmental regulators or are on the losing side of civil litigation.

Digitizing fire protection for facility inspections

With fire equipment, the biggest culprit for non-compliance issues usually involves obstructions blocking fire extinguishers and hoses from view.
remote work

A cybersafe return to the workplace

At last, our buildings are ready to catch up with the conveniences and expectations that future users have come to expect in the 21st century—and COVID has been the much-needed accelerant for this transformation in the building industry.

A path to fully inclusive community hubs

The idea of creating inclusive community hubs—where people of all ages and abilities can gather together—is gaining significant momentum.

Top employment law issues during COVID-19

Employees may refuse vaccines for reasons such as religious belief or medical reasons, and requiring these employees to undergo inoculation would be a human rights violation.
ergonomic lighting

COVID-19 ripples through to commercial leasing

Landlords and tenants are continuing to move lease transactions forward in anticipation of a return to business as usual in the near future.

Construction side effects carry deadly risks

Living through construction may be a fact of life for city dwellers, but living through construction can be a fact of life and death for hospital patients.