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Homes prices off the charts in most regions

Home prices across the country have gone haywire over the past year, particularly in Atlantic Canada and more recreational locations.

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1 in 3 workers may quit if called back to office full time

About 33 per cent of professionals currently working from home due to the pandemic would look for a new job if called back to the office full time.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

Considering ergonomics of the hybrid office

Working from home can create a struggle to disconnect from work when the day is done and to find balance.
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Is remote condo management working?

Portfolio managers and supervising managers remain in the wilderness of the home office, strategizing, planning, and serving clients from the comfort of their home.

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How to manage service providers remotely

One of COVID-19's major challenges has been maintaining or improving cleaning activities when the managers responsible are not on-site.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

The rise of the hybrid office

Ultimately, the hybrid office will have at its heart a planning principle based on people rotating in and out of the office, with flexible schedules they have more control over than ever.
Class A apartments

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Class A apartments hit hardest by pandemic

Although multi-residential housing is fairing better than other asset types, Class A apartments are feeling the strain of the pandemic. What will the road to recovery look like?

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Opinions on remote work become more favourable

A majority of surveyed corporate real estate executives are planning for a phased return of their workforces once public officials within their jurisdictions lift COVID-19 related stay-at-home orders.
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Remote working a growing perk in Canadian offices

Less than half of companies in Canada provide work-from-anywhere options for their employees, according to a new survey .