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Canadian Facility Management & Design

What can the new workplace learn from retailers?

Just as bricks-and-mortar stores embraced experiential retail to entice consumers who might otherwise shop online, organizations are now hoping to woo their remote-savvy workers back to the office.
bike sharing

REMI Network

Bike sharing trends hint at commuter uptake post COVID

A new report suggests an increase in people using Toronto's Bike Share service for leisure during the pandemic could mean they will choose this mode of transportation for their daily office commute post COVID.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

A cybersafe return to the workplace

At last, our buildings are ready to catch up with the conveniences and expectations that future users have come to expect in the 21st century—and COVID has been the much-needed accelerant for this transformation in the building industry.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

A case study in workplace reinvention

After many conversations and much planning, the agency has recently started allowing employees to come back into the workplace.