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Navigating supply chain transparency legislation 

The deadline for Canadian businesses to file their first annual report on supply chain transparency is fast approaching.


WELL evolves into residential communities

Minto Communities is the first developer in Canada to pilot the WELL for residential program, which sets out to create healthier homes.
Passive House

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A first Passive House retrofit in Halifax

Once complete, it will serve as an inspiration for others pursuing deep retrofits of existing buildings, an endeavour that offers the most hope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Halifax.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

CRE industry reveals data-driven demands

Canada’s top commercial real estate players have identified the growing importance of visualizing indoor building activities in real time as the use of space becomes less predictable and tenant needs evolve.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

New research digs into state of the workplace

The social infrastructure of the office underscores new research-driven analysis that measures shifts in employee sentiment post-pandemic.
B.C. ponders commercial space for cannabis use

Canadian Property Management

B.C. ponders commercial space for cannabis use

Newly released findings from British Columbia’s public consultation on cannabis lounges unsurprisingly confirm that recreational cannabis users are most likely to find the concept appealing.

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Recession or inflation worries? Tips on navigating strained economic times

An economic recession affects everybody, from small businesses to large enterprises and every consumer connected. Stalling economic growth and the threat of compounding financial challenges


High-rises bringing health to new heights

Urbanites living in two up-and-coming condos won't have to escape their homes for fresh air and water.
reserve fund


Condos at high risk from reserve fund shortfalls

The growing crop of condo owners across Canada will likely encounter huge annual fee increases and lump-sum payments due to low reserve fund contributions, authors of a new research report are warning.

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Ethics of workplace surveillance draws scrutiny

Organizations across Canada have increasingly turned to surveillance technologies during the pandemic as a way to monitor their employees' work behaviour.

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Inside the reboot of Hootsuite’s Vancouver HQ 

Brightly-coloured lounge furniture, in a peachy warm palette, curves around a stone fireplace in the living room of Hootsuite’s newly transformed Vancouver headquarters that was downsized during the pandemic.


The fatal flaws behind the Surfside condo collapse

Building failures of this horrific scope are seldom seen in North America. But it is important to examine what happened so we can learn and prevent similar collapses in the future.
IDC VODA awards

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BOMA Canada honours national award winners

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA Canada) hosted its second virtual National Awards Gala on October 21, 2021.


Newest co-working spaces cater to hybrid future

As a hybrid work models emerges, new condos will welcome residents into co-working spaces with no one-size-fits-all approach.

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What can the new workplace learn from retailers?

Just as bricks-and-mortar stores embraced experiential retail to entice consumers who might otherwise shop online, organizations are now hoping to woo their remote-savvy workers back to the office.
EV chargers


Scanning the road ahead for EV-ready condos

As the country moves to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, questions are brewing among people living in multi-unit dwellings.

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Campus high-rise brings health to new heights

Dingy is a word that conjures thoughts of old institutional spaces. Academic buildings with dimly-lit hallways and windowless classrooms punctured with fluorescent glare. Rarely are