Hygiene and happiness

Today’s facility managers are under mounting pressure to do more with less. Supply chain challenges, labour shortages, and Canadians’ increased expectations around cleanliness and hygiene

Handwashing and commercial cleaning

With all the attention that hygiene and sanitizing have received these last few years, the importance of handwashing has been highlighted as an important way
smart restroom

What’s on the horizon for smart restroom solutions?

Smart restroom technology is now well into its early adoption phase, and more and more facilities are leaning into the opportunity to leverage data to

Three prevailing value drivers of smart restroom technology

Smart technology is not only a common phrase within the facility management field; today it is virtually ubiquitous with optimized facility operations. Over the last
citric acid

Is citric acid a viable cleaning ingredient?

As we continue to evaluate our cleaning supplies and practices for sustainability, health and safety, efficacy, and more, some of the more common ingredients may
smart toilets

Are smart toilets the way of the future?

As technology continues to evolve the commercial cleaning industry with innovation, where do smart toilets fit in? The smart toilet global market is predicted to
commercial hygiene

Commercial hygiene technology is a breath of fresh air

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses made changes in their commercial hygiene routines in response to public health guidelines. As a result, many businesses –

Lessons for facility managers from the 2022/2023 flu season

The winter months typically bring more colds and flu, but according to studies, the 2022/2023 influenza season has recorded higher than usual numbers and it
your washrooms

What your washrooms say about your business

Leaving a good impression on guests and staff is important for building owners, and your washrooms can say a lot about your business. In this

Evolving technologies for evolving healthcare

There are many influential technologies healthcare facilities can use to reduce the spread of infections.

4 ways to retain employees and boost morale

During this challenging labour market, it’s critical to ensure employees are satisfied with their work environment.
smart washrooms

Smart washrooms can help reduce germ transmission in healthcare facilities

Be smarter and cleaner when it comes to washroom hygiene.

Using tech to improve washroom hygiene

Washrooms cannot be overlooked when it comes to the health and safety of patients, visitors, and staff.
retaining employees

4 tips for retaining employees and boosting morale

It's more critical than ever for businesses to provide a clean, enjoyable, and supportive work environment.
Canada's Best Restroom

2022 Canada’s Best Restroom Contest now open

The public can vote for the five finalists now through July 8.
facility spring cleaning

The essentials of facility spring cleaning

ServiceMaster Clean outlines several tips for building an effective spring cleaning procedure.
public washrooms

What people want from public washrooms in 2022

Bradley Corp. identified five key trends currently being seen around washroom hygiene.