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Are smart toilets the way of the future?

Technology improves washroom hygiene, and even toilets are evolving.
Monday, June 26, 2023

As technology continues to evolve the commercial cleaning industry with innovation, where do smart toilets fit in? The smart toilet global market is predicted to increase to 4.62 billion by 2027, so this may be something to consider investing in for your building to stay ahead of the curve.

With the increased public demand for better hygiene, germ-resistant toilets are gaining popularity, boasting increased sanitation and less environmental impact. What makes these toilets advanced? There are several features that may make smart toilets the best choice for your next washroom upgrade.

Better hygiene

Touchless technology is helping facilities prioritize sanitation, allowing guests to access washrooms, and wash and dry their hands without any direct contact. Smart toilets are continuing that innovation, with many featuring hands-free, automatic flushing, and an automated lid. For even more hygienic benefits, some models are equipped with anti-bacterial toilet seats to reduce germ transfer, and a self-cleaning function to enhance cleanliness and help reduce the labour needed to keep common spaces clean.

Improved sustainability

As technology improves, so do our opportunities to save money as we lower our carbon footprint. Smart toilets are evolving to help cut water bills by reducing the amount of water used when flushing. These models use about 1.6 gallons of water, compared to the five to seven gallons of water typically used. As well, many have a dryer setting, lessening the need for paper products to save money and lessen the environmental impact.

Increased comfort

Along with better hygiene and a greener approach, many smart toilets have kept comfort in mind, too. Some offer heated seats for an improved experience and many models come in a more compact design to save space where you need it. These are features that could improve the experience a guest has when they visit your building.

Are smart toilets right for your building?

As many parts of your building become “smarter,” so, too, can your toilets. While these toilets have certainly used technology to improve hygiene, they remain at the top end of the price scale as an expensive upgrade for many maintenance managers. As well, you may find that any repairs required are more costly than your average plumbing charge. Keep these factors in mind when deciding whether this is an investment that makes sense for your building.

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