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Microfibre mops: A laundry list of questions

Effective cleaning of high-touch surfaces and floors in healthcare facilities requires proper cleaning tools like microfibre mops.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Hospital faucets home to germs: study

Hand hygiene is a critical component of infection prevention in hospitals, but the unintended consequences include water splashing out of a sink to spread contaminants from dirty faucets.
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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Are public washrooms reservoirs of drug-resistant bacteria?

Hand-drying facilities in public washrooms can act as reservoirs of drug-resistant bacteria, finds new research published in the American Journal of Infection Control.
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Sinks next to patient toilets may harbour dangerous germs: study

Klebsiella is a type of bacteria that can cause a number of healthcare-associated infections, such as pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound infections, or surgical site infections.

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How germs and bacteria thrive on school desks

Bacteria and fungi found on school desks comes overwhelmingly from the children sitting at them, a new study has revealed.