Equipment & Tools


The art of the janitorial cleaning cart

The cleaning cart is a fundamental tool for cleaners and janitorial staff, easing some of the labour stress, increasing efficiency, and helping to get the
daytime cleaning

Making the change to daytime cleaning

With all the changes in building occupancy, work-from-home, and flex hours still reigning, cleaners have had to make accommodations to get the job done in
cleaning chemicals

How to avoid mistakes with cleaning chemicals

With cleaning and hygiene, using products safely and properly is vital, and that means paying special attention to the cleaning chemicals you’re using. It’s a
automated and high-tech cleaning

The benefits of automated and high-tech cleaning

There are endless pros and cons to the continuous evolution of automated and high-tech cleaning. When it comes to the workplace, many people argue that
commercial cleaning in 2023

A look at commercial cleaning in 2023

What can we expect in commercial cleaning in 2023? In the last few years, there have been so many changes in hygiene and sanitation, from

Evolving technologies for evolving healthcare

There are many influential technologies healthcare facilities can use to reduce the spread of infections.
custodial closet

Keeping your custodial closet clean

No matter what business you’re in, first impressions matter. You want your facility to look its best, and that includes your custodial closet. Not only

GBAC publishes cleaning validation and auditing guide

The Validation and Auditing Technology Resource Guide & Directory aims to educate on technologies for cleaning validation and auditing.
dosing system

Finding the perfect chemical dosing system

As a cleaning provider, using the right chemical dilution and dosing system is vital.

How to set your janitors up for success

Janitors are often the behind-the-scenes heroes of facility maintenance, keeping everything clean, stocked, and sanitized. They support health and safety and hygiene and they’re often

Drones are the future of facility cleaning

Cleaning drones are the future for facility management.

5 ways to create cleaner environments in schools

To ensure schools are taking the best first step forward, their cleaning operations should zero in on five key areas of focus.
UV disinfection

UV disinfection market expected to expand quickly

UV disinfection has increasingly been recognized as an effective method of infection prevention.
smart washrooms

Smart washrooms can help reduce germ transmission in healthcare facilities

Be smarter and cleaner when it comes to washroom hygiene.

Using tech to improve washroom hygiene

Washrooms cannot be overlooked when it comes to the health and safety of patients, visitors, and staff.
commercial cleaning company

What are office managers looking for in a commercial cleaning company in 2022?

There are a few specifics office managers want to see.
ATP monitors

5 tips for using ATP monitors

ATP monitors are one of the most reliable indicators we have to measure cleaning performance, but they must be used properly.